Son Ho-young Instead of LG Lee Jae-won, kt left-hander Benjamin

KBO announced a 30-member list of LG Twins and kt Wiz to play in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO Postseason’ Korean Series in the afternoon of the 6th. LG put weight on the mound, especially the bullpen, with 14 pitchers and 16 fielders. 토토 Kt maintained the playoff composition of 12 pitchers and 18 fielders.

LG predicted Casey Kelly as the starting pitcher for Game 1. There are four starting pitchers, including Choi Won-tae, Lim Chan-gyu, and Kim Yoon-sik. With left-handed bullpen Ham Deok-ju, Son Joo-young and Lee Woo-chan, right-handed bullpen Choi Dong-hwan, Jung Woo-young, Ko Woo-suk, Lee Jung-yong, Kim Jin-sung, Yoo Young-chan and Baek Seung-hyun, only 10 bullpen pitchers were listed in the Korean Series entry. In other words, one-third of the power is a bullpen resource.

In addition to Park Dong-won and Heo Do-hwan, rookie Kim Bum-seok joined the catcher. Kim Bum-seok came to the first division at the end of the season and showed his batting talent, and showed good batting performance in the Blue and White matches and practice matches in preparation for the Korean Series. On top of that, the catcher’s defense has resumed. There are 13 infielders and outfielders. Among them, Shin Min-jae and Austin Dean, who were registered as outfielders at the beginning of the season, play in the infield.

The infield is an elite member. In addition to second baseman Shin Min-jae, third baseman Moon Bo-kyung, and shortstop Oh Ji-hwan, multi-position backup Kim Min-sung, Jung Joo-hyun and Son Ho-young will participate. Left fielder Moon Sung-joo, center fielder Park Hae-min, right fielder Hong Chang-ki, designated hitter Kim Hyun-soo, is certain to be the main player. Daejoo Choi Seung-min, Daesoobi Ahn Ik-hoon is Ahn Ik-hoon.

Meanwhile, the Korean Series Media Day event was held on the afternoon of the 6th. Kt manager Lee Kang-chul said, I met LG as a candidate for the championship. I’m grateful to be here. I’m happy to come all the way here so that fans won’t be disappointed. It is the first Korean series to be held at KT Wiz Park. We will prepare well to rise to the top position with the club’s front desk and fans, he said.

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said, Kt Wiz, who will play this Korean Series together, has a good experience of winning the integrated title two years ago. It is a team that came up to the Korean Series after playing well with solid power and starting baseball. I don’t think it’s easy. Although LG lacks experience, it was able to confirm its desire and eagerness to win the championship in the preparation process for the Korean Series. I will also show you my performance in the pennant race in the Korean Series. I plan to focus on what we’re good at. We prepared a lot. We will do our best to show what we have prepared at the end and laugh with our fans with good results, he said.

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