Simeone agrees to re-sign until 2027…terms include ‘huge pay cut’

Diego Simeone has rejected an offer from Saudi Arabia and is likely to stay with Atletico Madrid until 2027. However, he will have to take a significant pay cut.

Simeone began his coaching career in 2006 when he retired from Lassing, taking charge of the club shortly afterward. Simeone is returning to Atletico, where he played as a player, with experience in Serie A and beyond. His lack of experience in the big leagues raised some eyebrows. However, Simeone led Atletico to the UEFA Europa League (UEL) title in his first season.

Simeone has been at the helm of Atletico for more than a decade, until last season, when he broke the Barcelona-Real Madrid duopoly in La Liga, winning the league title in 2013-14. They also reached the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final that year. Although they lost to Real in extra time, it showed what Simeone can do.

Simeone’s career has since been cemented. He created a system of defensive soccer centered around the 4-4-2, a system that was rarely used in modern soccer. Atletico’s two-row defense was not easy to break through. Last season, he also showed tactical versatility, switching from a 4-4-2 to a 3-5-2.

Last summer, he was even approached by Saudi Arabia. However, Simeone chose to remain loyal to Atletico despite the big offer. At the time, global media outlet ESPN reported that “Simeone received a lucrative offer from Al Ahli. But Simeone has no intention of leaving La Liga,” ESPN reported at the time.

After rejecting the Saudi offer, Simeone is in contract negotiations with Atletico. Simeone’s contract with Atletico runs until June 2024. However, Atletico are willing to extend his contract until 2027 in exchange for a pay cut.

According to Spain’s Marca, “Simeone and Atletico have already sat down at the negotiating table. The 안전놀이터 parties have agreed to stay together and an agreement is expected to be reached soon. The only condition is a significant reduction in salary, and Simeone understands the club’s economic situation and is willing to take a pay cut.”

If Simeone agrees to stay on until 2027, he will have spent at least 14 years with Atletico.

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