NYT hints at water supply racecourse closure

After years of international racing, Aqueduct Racecourse operations will end. In a recent interview, Marc Holliday, president of the New York Racing Authority, hinted that Queen’s facilities may be shut down after the long-awaited renovation of Belmont Park. 카지노사이트 Once the renovation is complete, the track will be able to host a winter race.

Through an agreement in 2008, Empire State completely acquired Aqueduct racetrack and Belmont Park, thus granting the NYRA a 25-year racing license. Now, after years of exciting horse racing, the Queens facility can be forgotten. However, that decision has not yet been made, and further clarification will be needed from the organization.

In an interview on June 20, 2022, Mr. Holiday said that the AquaDuct racetrack may eventually be closed once the renovation of Belmont Park is completed. But it remains to be seen if this will happen because the state legislature has rejected a New York state legislature’s plan to pass a $450 million bond law to fund Belmont Park’s modernization.

Mr. Holiday did not hide his disappointment at the rejection of the bond-buying effort, but he remains optimistic that bond-buying could gain momentum in Albany next year. He also pointed out that if the bond purchase fails, it may mean a review of the future of Queens Aqueduct racetrack. This is because, by not having the redundancy of race operations that are an obstacle to the two state tracks, it could potentially provide tremendous value to the state.

Previously, the NYRA had already shared the idea of closing the Queens track and relocating the six-month race to the renovated Belmont Park. However, over the past few years, AquaDuct has become a hot spot for horse racing gamblers, as attendance at clubhouses during the cold winter varies from hundreds of thousands to thousands of people every day.

But if the association decides to close the 190-acre property in the middle of the South Ozone, it will require numerous approvals and permits. Under current state law, racing continues at the property while the casino is still in operation, and this must change for NYRA to succeed and move the race to Belmont Park.

And for the association to move the season to Belmont Park, the track must be upgraded with facilities to accommodate betters and horses throughout the year. And speaking of upgrading the Elmont track, in March, the New York racetrack hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the multipurpose center, which will be located at the entrance to Gate 6.

Also, recently, the NYRA released its 2021 financial statements. These reports suggest that the association has recovered well financially from unprecedented events in 2020. With fans returning to the track, the association was able to hit a record $815.5 million in 2021. This broke the record of $705.3 million set in 2019.

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