Loser Wimaz praised…Choi Wonjun ‘normal’ after 4 years of incisional heart failure

Jaya master Choi Won-jun (45) has won two matches in his career after suffering a toothache.

Choi Won-jun defeated Birol Wimazu (Welcome Savings Bank) 4-2 (15:5 14:15 10:15 15:3 15:9 15:2) in the final of the 2023-2024 Phoebe A 6th Tour NHC Card Championship at Kintex PBA Stadium in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do on Friday. He took home 100 million won.

This is the second title in four years for Choi, who won the Welcom Bank Championship in his Pro One year in 2019.

He has won both of his finals appearances, boasting a 100% win rate.

Hailing from Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, Choi is considered a powerhouse in Honam, and got off to a great start as a founding member of Blue One Resort at the start of the Pro.

He won his first professional title.

However, he lost his team after his first season and hasn’t had much success since.

He had five top-10 individual finishes in four years before this final, but was far from a trophy.

However, he roared back in his sixth Tour event of the season, defeating world number one Wimaj in straight sets.

After clinching the match with a crosscourt shot at the end of the sixth set, he was overcome with emotion.

Choi Won-jun has been on a tear all tournament long, knocking out the likes of Choi Sung-won (Hewons), Kim Hyun-woo (NHK Card), Kim Young-seop, Semi Seigner (Hewons) and Park Jung-geun (Hewons) to reach the quarterfinals.

Fans exclaimed, “It’s like Kudrong,” “It’s Choi Drong,” and “Wow~” over his smooth and concise shots.

Players who faced him would be caught off guard even if they let their guard down for a moment.

In the final of the day, he won the first set and then lost the next two or three, but when Wimaz failed to handle his own ball properly, he quickly caught up and turned the tables. 카지노사이트가이드

The fact that he won by a large margin and lost by a narrow margin is a testament to his strength.

“I was in top form, but Choi Won-joon was just too good. I was under pressure,” and praised the winner.

In his victory interview, Choi said, “When I won (at my pro debut), I was called ‘shiny’.

But I’m grateful to the people who pulled me up from the bottom to the top.

I will become a great player who works harder in the future.”

“I am also grateful to my beloved mother, wife and two daughters.

I’m sure they know that their dad is a great billiards player.”

Choi expressed his gratitude by touching his wife’s hair, who cheered him on from the stands during the quarterfinals and final.

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