LG’s obsession with Go Woo-seok, KT’s fight with the umpire—the importance of a single ball and a single call in the short game

The Korean Series is becoming a series of harder, stronger, and more painful hits.

The third game of the Korean Series (KS) held in Suwon on the 10th was a bloodbath that surpassed the first and second games.

In a back-and-forth game that went back-and-forth with a home run, LG took the win.

They won the series 2-1 and took another important step toward the championship.
As the game wore on, KT could sense the depletion of their bullpen. You can see them getting tired.

LG, on the other hand, is relatively fresh. The problem is closer Go Woo-seok.

His performance fluctuates like a ping-pong ball, and his pitching is up and down every time he appears.
We already pointed this out in Game 1 of the KS, but his pitching and command problems showed up again in Game 3.

He still hasn’t established his pitching form after his injury. He pushes the ball off the mound and then breaks it off.

His rhythm is off.

His balance is different from pitch to pitch.

Even when he throws the same fastball and not a different one.
The bench must be watching with a sense of unease.

You can’t help but notice his pitching problems from the bench.

Ko was pulled after throwing 39 pitches in the third inning of Game 3, and manager Yoon Kyung-yeop was hoping for two innings in the eighth with a 5-4 lead.

However, Go gave up three runs in the eighth inning, and the team fell behind 5-7.

Fortunately, LG bounced back in the ninth with a triple by Oh Ji-hwan.
In the bottom of the ninth, with the score 8-7, Go Woo-seok faltered again as he came to the plate to defend.

Eventually, Yeom was able to lock the back door with a Lee Jung-yong card.

After a walk, he threw a risky pitch to load the bases and finished it off with a single by Kim Sang-soo. 카지노사이트가이드
Go Woo-seok needs to work on his pitching rhythm and balance.

Without that, it will be impossible for him to regain his confidence.

The more he falters, the wider the manager’s options will be.

Yeom needs to be more sober in his diagnosis of Go Woo-seok.

Maybe he needs to take extraordinary measures.
Oh Ji-hwan, who hit the game-winning home run, is in top form.

Just like his Game 1 home run, his delivery in Game 3 was smooth and concise, but he didn’t cover his left hand. It was the one that saved the day.
I can’t stop talking about the umpiring today.

One ball, one swing, one call is so important in a big game.

It was the ninth inning.

Kim Jun-tae, KT’s leadoff hitter in the final at-bat, made it 2-1 against Ko Woo-seok and stopped swinging at a four-pitch fastball, but the third base umpire ruled it a swing.

Manager Lee Kang-cheol, who came out of the bench, was ejected for protesting.
The replay showed no swing.

It is one of the most difficult situations for an umpire to determine whether or not a checked swing is a swing.

That’s why the umpire asked the third base umpire if it was a swing.

On the screen, the head of the bat was still there.

A check swing is judged by the position of the head, and it was not a swing.

If the score had been 3-1 instead of 2-2 when Kim Jun-tae batted, there would have been no guarantee of a third game.

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