Lee “I didn’t write it, I captured it, the truth is what matters” Young Lee on the spelling controversy

Lee Da-young, the twin women’s volleyball players who left the V-League amid a bullying controversy, has re-uploaded a meaningful post after deleting it following a spelling controversy, saying, “What matters is the truth.”

On July 7, Lee posted a post on her Instagram with the sentence, “The truth is always exposed one day, even if it is well wrapped in a lie.

The post was the same photo she had posted the day before, with a typo in the word “reveal” and the words “exposed” instead.

People saw this and mocked Lee, pointing out her spelling.

“I didn’t write it, I captured it,” Lee explained, adding, “I saw the typo and deleted it right away, but who could have spread it in the meantime?”

At the same time, “And it will be revealed, revealed?

The essence is more important than the spelling. The truth is about to be revealed.” 호텔카지노

Meanwhile, sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young played together with Kim Yeon-kyung in the 2020-2021 season for Heungkuk Life.

They were later released from Heungkuk Life after the twins’ school bullying controversy and moved to the Greek league in October 2021.

Lee Da-young, who currently plays in the French league, publicly addressed her conflict with Kim ahead of her departure for France in August.

On her social media accounts, she revealed the contents of her KakaoTalk conversations with Kim and accused her of sexual harassment, bullying, workplace violence, and abusive behavior.

In particular, in September, Lee posted an affectionate photo of Kim in bed with an arm pillow, saying, “If you apologize officially, I will keep it a secret forever, the one thing you want to hide the most.”

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