Can the Lotte Giants really be a “one-man team” now?

Can the Lotte Giants really be a “one-man team” now?

Both the front desk and field leaders have been replaced. In the process, Lotte is putting more emphasis on on-field leadership. Can the Lotte Giants really be a “one-man team” now?

Lotte officially announced the appointment of Park Jun-hyuk as the new manager of the Giants on April 1. Park has worked in various positions in the baseball organization, including international business, marketing operations, and public relations. Although he was not born a baseball player, he had a baseball sense as a graduate of the prestigious Busan High School, and at times, 먹튀검증 he grasped the situation of the club in a sober and objective manner and maintained a smooth relationship with the members.

In August last year

He abruptly submitted his resignation and left the club, but he accepted the group’s call to lead the team’s stabilization after the departure of manager Sung Min-kyu. The Lotte Baseball Organization was entrusted to a man who joined the Lotte Group in 2007 and devoted his youth to baseball.

“As a former Lotte Giants player, Park Jun-hyuk is expected to create a development-based team and a competitive front,” the club said, adding, “He will systematize the development system to make the Giants a consistent powerhouse, and actively communicate with the players and exchange with overseas clubs.”

Last month, Lotte announced a new beginning with the appointment of Kim Tae-hyung, a three-time Korean Series champion and current manager who has advanced to the Korean Series for seven consecutive years, and filled the managerial position vacant since the firing of Sung Min-kyu, allowing the team to fully prepare for the final camp and stadium.

Although he has a long history with Lotte and has worked closely with the players, he does not come from a baseball background. If the previous system was more front-oriented than on-field, the center of gravity is now shifting to on-field baseball. Park Jun-hyuk plans to rebuild the team around manager Kim Tae-hyung, who is the head of the field, and give strength to the baseball that Kim Tae-hyung will play. He emphasized that the team should revolve around the leadership of Kim Tae-hyung.

In recent years,

Lotte has been plagued by discord between the field and the front office, the field and the front office, and the front office and the front office. There has been a lot of internal strife, and not a few external ones. The feud between Sung Min-kyu and former head coach Heo Mun-ho was typical, and this year’s feud between the coaching staff led to a coaching staff reshuffle.

With the front office caught in the middle of the process, the club’s power struggles and internal politics began to spill over to the outside world. Former head coach Larry Sutton used to make the victory comment, “We won with one team. This year, the team’s catchphrase was “The Power Of One. Let’s show the power of unity. But in reality, the team was disconnected.

Park Jun-hyuk may have his work cut out for him. First of all, he emphasized strengthening the capacity of the front desk, but he also voiced the need to support and follow the leadership in the field. While there is no specific contact between Park and Kim, Park’s close proximity to the field means that he is not completely unfamiliar with Kim. He has been in close communication with Kim since before his appointment and was consulted in the process of organizing the coaching staff.

Park has full confidence in Kim

“There are many people who say he’s a hard man, but he’s not like that. He is a reasonable person who can adapt to the situation.” “He doesn’t make decisions unilaterally, but we are talking to each other to adjust, and we are going through a process of consensus,” he explained.

Park went on to emphasize the process of becoming a ‘one team’. “We need to look at the leadership of coach Kim Tae-hyung and follow his lead,” he said. If there are other voices, the team will be disrupted,” he said, emphasizing, “We will think about what we need to win for, and do we really want our team to win.” He warned of a crackdown on those who put personal gain ahead of the Giants’ success.

“The manager is going to be there as a leader, a steady hand. “I think it’s my job to make sure that the coaching staff, our front office, our other front office staff, that they all look to him and follow his lead,” he reiterated. This means that the front office will not take the lead, but will provide full supportive fire for the field.

“I don’t see everything, but I’ve also seen the departments in the field. One person can’t change the front desk. I’m aiming to strengthen the capabilities of each individual front desk,” he said, adding, “I know what they do, so they’re probably nervous.”

Park’s task is to establish a manual for building a sustainable strong team by strengthening frontline capabilities

It is also important to build internal cohesion for the ‘one team’ right now. The ‘chemistry’ with coach Kim Tae-hyung is expected to be fine. But can Lotte truly become a “one team” by harmonizing the field and front office?

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