World’s 29th-Ranked Coach Korean Soccer is a One-On-One, One-Day Skill

The head coach of Tunisia’s national soccer team, ranked 29th in the world, compared Korea and Japan 19th against each other through two consecutive away evaluations. 스포츠토토 Tunisia lost to South Korea 4-0 on Oct. 13. He also knelt down to Japan 0-2 on the 17th. It is the second consecutive A match in the 2020s.

According to the Japanese newspaper Sports Hochi, Jalel Kadri, the head coach of the Tunisian national team, said, Both Korea and Japan have a common advantage that attacks are very fast. They also have tactical capabilities, he said highly of the two. Tunisia is enjoying its second heyday by passing a series of 2018 and 2022 World Cup qualifiers since 1998-2006, when it succeeded in advancing to the FIFA World Cup finals for the third consecutive time. Jalel Kadri said, The two countries are grouped into Asian Football. I didn’t feel much difference, he said. Korea is excellent in one-on-one situations. The good interpersonal mark can be seen from the same perspective. Japan has a difference in technology, he said in a comparative analysis.

Tunisia has allowed South Korea to break through nine times. In situations where it was not anyone’s ball, he suffered at 1:1, losing his ownership 42 times. It is in contrast to the failure of dribbling defense against Japan twice and the inferiority of the competition in 27 innings. On the other hand, Japan recorded a 60 percent possession rate, 88% pass accuracy, 22 long balls with a distance of 22.86 meters or more in home friendly matches with Tunisia and a 58 percent success rate. Korea had a 55 percent possession rate against Tunisia, 83 percent pass accuracy, 26 long balls, and 49 percent success rate.

Coach Jalel Kadri said, It was difficult to send the ball forward due to the opponent’s attack. The defense was excellent, too. Tunisia also tried to score, but it didn’t give any space at all, summarizing its 0-2 defeat against Japan.

Takefusa Gubo 22, Sociedad, who won Spain’s La Liga first division Player of the Month award in September 2023, assisted Tunisia in an additional goal in the warm-up match, helping Japan win.

Coach Jalel Kadri said, He was a particularly threatening Japanese player to Tunisia. High skill level and plays very smart and smart. Soccer is also a sport where intelligence is important, but it is great in this respect, he said, praising Takefusa Kubo.

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