Pollard Banknote Praises Its Scratch Ticket Launch Partner

This week, lottery giant Pollard Banknote celebrates the launch of Texas Lottery’s new US$20 million Supreme Scratch Lottery. 릴게임 This is the first US$100 scratch game in the United States, printed by a lottery supplier. The lottery comes with SoftTouch™ and Scratch FX, which combine print innovations that enhance the quality and uniqueness of the game.

Pollard Banknote is a lottery supplier based in Manitoba that offers products to more than 60 lottery tickets worldwide. Services include tickets for Sharp Retail Solutions, licensing games, in-lane ticket options, and the supply of sales promotion solutions. It also offers all online product lines such as gaming apps, player management, and iRotary solutions.

Texas Lottery introduced new US$20 million Supreme as interest in high-price point scratch tickets increased, previously playing a big role in multi-production financial reports, with US$50 price points posting the highest revenue growth compared to other price points in fiscal 2021.

The lottery supplier also praised the Texas lottery last year for its impressive financial results in fiscal 2021. Lottery sales totaled $8.17 billion during the period, recording record sales. It also broke its own sales record for the 11th consecutive year.

The new $20 million Supreme ticket also marks a natural development from $50 Prince Point. The Texas Lottery was one of the first institutions to introduce such products nearly 15 years ago. While Pollard Banknote’s Scratch FX combines new tickets with unique innovations, Soft Touch is part of the Touchables line, which delivers distinct features to the tactile ticket itself.

The Texas Lottery believes the new scratch lottery with three bonus spots and an attractive callout will have a significant impact on fiscal 2022 earnings figures. Gary Griff, managing director of the lottery, said the company was excited about the landmark launch of the lottery. In other words, the $100 lottery will provide additional efficiency and convenience for local athletes.

Brad Thompson, vice president of sales and marketing at Pollard Banknote, said the supplier was excited to partner with the lottery to bring the $100 game to the Texas market. According to him, lottery continues to sell lottery tickets with the help of various lottery product portfolios such as lottery suppliers and printing innovations.

Earlier this year, Pollard Banking Corp. signed an entirely new collaborative agreement with the Atlantic Lottery Company. Under the agreement, the supplier’s subsidiary, Neo Pollard Interactive, will supply the Crown Company with Neo Games Studio Library content. This contract is valid for the next five years, and there is also a renewal option.

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