BCLC Reports Major Scratch Ticket Windfall

British Columbia Lottery Company reports another major scratch lottery win. 파친코 The latest winner’s name is Khalida Noori, who bought a 10 Canadian dollar jackpot multiplier Scratch & Win ticket for her wedding anniversary, and it earned her a million Canadian dollars prize. She will now buy a new house for her family.

BCLC is a state-owned crown company that provides regulated gambling and lottery options for BC states in a fun and responsible manner. The organization promotes responsible entertainment while also supporting community organizations, healthcare, education, and more initiatives, generating much-needed revenue that can benefit all residents.

While accepting a C$1,000,000 prize for the 10 Canadian jackpot multiplexer Scratch & Win, Ms. Nouri talked more about the windfall that changed her life. She said she arrived home on her wedding anniversary one day before picking up her children, and then picked up a ticket and scratched it. Surprisingly, it showed that she won an amazing award.

Nouri, who lives in Coquitlam, immediately called her husband after learning the surprising news, but he said he didn’t believe it at first and was a joke of sorts. Just in case, she’s a BCLC Lotto! Checked her ticket through the app, and she and her husband visited the Crown Agency’s Vancouver office before realizing the win was real.

With the prize money, Nouri aspires to fulfill her lifelong dream of getting a home for her family. She also feels she is in the best position, and she revealed that her life will be better off with a $1 million scratch win. Her life-changing tickets were purchased at the Real Canadian Superstore in metropolis in metrotown, Burnaby.

It should be recalled that British Colombians were able to cash in more than C$177 million of Scratch & Win tickets in 2022. Players in the state can check their lottery tickets on iOS or Android devices anytime, anywhere through the BCLC Lottery app. More information is available on the official BCLC website.

Last year, the BCLC awarded more than C$802 million in lottery tickets among locals for more than 100 million recorded winning tickets at PlayNow retail stores or online. Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley area accounted for the largest portion of the C$802 million jackpot and recorded C$382.1 million jackpot. And the Thompson Okanagan region hit C$226.2 million.

In January 2023, Crown Corporation also reported a major online slot win on the Play Now platform. Carrie Parquet, the lucky player of Moverley Lake, hit a jackpot worth 961,022.85 Canadian dollars. She played the Mega Jackpots Siberian Storm slot game to win Mega Pride Mega Jackpots Siberian Storm slots, but she had trouble believing it at first.


1st Place For Ball Deodorization + 3rd Place For Walking + 5th Place For Pass Success

Kim Min-jae is playing at the level of a world class again this season. Bayern Munich scored a 3-1 victory over Galatasaray in the third Group A match of the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League group stage at Nef Stadium in Istanbul, Turkiye, at 1:45 a.m. on the 25th. 스포츠토토

Munich took the lead by scoring the first goal in the early hours. Kingsley Coman, who received a pass from Leroy Sane in the 7th minute of the first half, immediately attempted a shot and shook the net. Later, Galatasaray fought back and turned the game back to square one.

Galatasaray has a chance. In the 28th minute of the first half, Icardi fell and a penalty was declared while Joshua Kimihi and Mauro Icardi competed in the penalty box. Icardi, who played as a kicker, tied the score with a Panenka kick. The two teams exchanged attacks, but the first half ended 0-0 without additional points.

Munich led the game in the second half. He tapped Galatasaray’s goal and sought his chance. In the end, Munich scored. Kane, who received Jamal Musiala’s pass in the 28th minute of the second half, scored the net. Munich, which rode the flow, immediately widened the score gap. In the 33rd minute of the second half, Musiala scored with a right-footed shot inside the penalty box. The match ended with Munich’s 3-1 victory.

According to soccer statistics media Sofa Score, Kim Min-jae recorded two full-time clearances, two shooting defenses, two interceptions, two tackles, two ground contention four attempts, two aerial contests five attempts, 71 ball touches, 90% pass success rate 52 out of 58 and six long balls eight attempts. The rating was 7.1 points.

Kim Min-jae has grown into the world’s best defender in Naples. He was firmly in charge of Napoli’s rear and made a brilliant contribution to winning Scudetto for the first time in 33 years. Napoli also reached the quarterfinals in the UCL, the best performance in the club’s history. Kim Min-jae was named Serie A Defensive Player of the Year in recognition of his performance.

This summer, Kim Min-jae moved to Munich. He also maintains a solid starting position in Munich. Kim Min-jae showed great performance in UCL. According to UEFA’s official standards, Kim Min-jae ranked first in ball stealing 29 times, third in clearing 20 times, and fifth in pass success 229 times. He showed a good record in defensive indicators and proved to be the center of the build-up with the number of pass successes.

Kim Min-jae was also nominated for the Ballon d’Or. Of the 30 Ballon d’Or candidates, there are only three defenders. Huveng Díaz, Kim Min-jae, and Yoshko Gvardiol. This shows how high Kim Min-jae’s status is. Global media Goal Dotcom also predicted Kim Min-jae’s expected ranking to rank 20th. Díaz, above Gvardiol.

Kim Min-jae has not been given a break due to injuries to his fellow players. Since joining Munich after completing basic military training, he has not played much time in the pre-season. The season has begun and Kim Min-jae’s playing time is increasing. As Matthias de Licht fell out due to injury, center backs of the Kim Min-jae and Dayo Upamecano combination continued to emerge. As De Licht returned, Upamecano was injured this time. Kim Min-jae started in all games except DFB-Pokal this season.


I’ve Been Rooting For Him For 60 Years, but I’ve Never Met Tottenham Like This

Tottenham won 2-1 in the 10th round of the 2023-24 Premier League against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park in London, England, at 4 a.m. on the 28th. 스포츠토토 Tottenham, which has been undefeated in the opening 10 games with the victory, has 26 points, widening the gap with the second-place team by five points.

Again, Son Heung-min and James Medicine won the game. In the first half, Tottenham suffered from failing to properly target Palace’s defense, but began to find a solution in the second half. The first goal was lucky.

The attack began with Pape Matasar’s half-space movement in the 8th minute of the second half. Papasar tried to cross after digging in well, but it was deflected and then headed to Medicine. Medicine, who took over, crossed strongly, and Joel Ward cleared it with his net.

Tottenham needed one more goal for a stable victory. Then Son Heung-min appeared. In the 23rd minute of the second half, Brennan Johnson, who just came in as a replacement, connected the pass to Medicine with his head and penetrated again. Johnson delivered the pass to Son Heung-min after taking over Medicine’s exquisite pass. Son Heung-min showed off his one-shot, one-kill instinct to give him a 2-0 lead.

Tottenham lost a point to Jordan Ayew just before the end of the game, but won by keeping the lead well. Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool, the second-ranked teams, have not played yet, but it is very unfamiliar to see Tottenham running at the top of the table by five points.

Football statistics media OPTA shed light on Tottenham’s special No. 1 record. The media said, Tottenham is ranked No. 1 in the PL, with a five-point difference. This is the biggest difference since Tottenham was eight points behind second place on the last day of the 1960-61 season, the last league winning season, he said.

It is the first time in 62 years that Tottenham has widened the gap with 19 teams in the top spot and looks down so leisurely. This is the first emotion that even fans who have supported Tottenham for 60 years feel.

It is still too early to say that Tottenham can win, but what is clear is that Tottenham now is a completely different team from Tottenham in the past. Even if not participating in the European competition is working in an advantageous way in the league race, no one expected Tottenham to perform so well.


Firefighters and guitarists danced golden together on the pedals

A tandem cycle is a two-seater bicycle. It doesn’t matter who sits on the front and back saddles, but when a disabled person and a non-disabled person ride together, it becomes a little special.

The able-bodied pilot takes the front seat and acts as the “pacemaker” and “navigator,” while the blind rider pedals together on the back to amplify the momentum.

As long as they can balance their breathing and rhythm, there’s more than one synergy.

In Hangzhou this fall, South Korea’s tandem cycling chemistry could not be better.

Kim Jung-bin (Sport Class B) and Yoon Joong-heon combined for three gold medals in the men’s visually impaired (MB) cycling event at the Hangzhou 2022 ParaAsian Games. 바카라사이트

Kim won Korea’s first gold medal in the 4,000-meter individual pursuit on the opening day of the Games on March 23, followed by a second gold in the 18.5-kilometer road race on March 26 to become the first Korean athletes to win a double.

On the final day, he crossed the finish line first in the 69-kilometer individual pursuit in 1 hour, 35 minutes, 27 seconds to claim his first ever cycling triple.

“Today was my last race, so I rode with all my strength,” Kim said after the third national anthem. I came into the finish line screaming because I had already secured first place, and I cried as I realized all the twists and turns I had gone through. I’m so happy and overjoyed.”

“I’m grateful to (Kim) Jung-bin for sweating and suffering with me, and I’m grateful to him for choosing me as a pilot and making this an unforgettable experience,” said Yoon.

It was only five months ago that the two began to put the pieces together. It’s a short period of time, but the effect of finding my match has been significant.

In June, Kim won his first international gold medal in the road race at the Para-cycling Asian Championships in Thailand, making it three Asian Games gold medals in four months.

All of these accomplishments were achieved with Yoon Joong-heon.

The two share similarities, from their easygoing manner to their quiet personalities, and are 31 years old with birthdays two weeks apart. It’s a match made in heaven.

On the track and on the road, there were no barriers between them. “Especially on the road, there are many variables.

There are short corners and deep bends, and sometimes you have to speed up on the downhill or dance (stand up and pedal) together on the uphill,” Yoon said, explaining that he talks a lot so that (Kim) can recognize it before he feels it.

“I can’t see, so I ride while listening to (Yoon’s) words, and that’s how we synchronize,” Kim said.

A former amateur cyclist, Yoon was drawn to the world of tandem cycling after watching fellow club member Park Chan-jong, 33, make a comeback as a Para-cyclist after losing a leg in a car accident.

Park, who had his left leg amputated in September last year, became a prosthetic athlete and touched the hearts of cyclists with his rehabilitation diary. “(Park) met Kim Jung-bin through his older brother,” said Yoon Jung-heon. “After learning about the tandem, I thought, ‘This is a beautiful companion,'” he said.

Yoon is a firefighter (Namyangju Fire Department) by profession. While playing for the national team, he trained on his off-duty days and competed in international competitions on his own time.

Kim Jung-bin played guitar in a band. Now, he has given up music and is employed by a small business (Hive System) as a Para athlete and rides a cycling bike.

The sense of harmony he acquired in the band is somewhere in the tandem pedals, which means that their bike is a combination of a blind and a sighted person, a former guitarist and a current firefighter.

When Kim stepped off the second podium of the competition on Nov. 26, I asked him, “Is this your best moment in cycling?” He smiled broadly and replied, “Yes, it is today, and it will change again soon,” and he stood by his words the next day.


“He’s in my way, I can’t see him” crash hilarity, even after ‘acknowledging Son Wackle’, still a luxury to worry about ‘hand-to-hand duo’

“We didn’t block each other, he blocked me.”

New partner James Maddison, 27, who admits they have ‘world-class chemistry’, blames ‘captain’ Son Heung-min, 31-Tottenham Hotspur. What happened.

Tottenham won 2-0 at home to Fulham in the ninth round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England, on Thursday (Aug. 24), thanks to consecutive goals from Son and Maddison.

After finishing eighth last season, Tottenham have done a 180-degree turnaround this season.

They are unbeaten in nine league games (7 wins, 2 draws, 23 points) and have moved into sole possession of first place.

Second-place Manchester City and third-place Arsenal (both with at least 21 points) are also below Spurs.

If the tactical changes under new manager Enze Postecoglou are the first reason, the players at the heart of the surge are Son Heung-min and Maddison.

Postecoglou’s tactic of pressing hard from the front and winning the ball is perfectly executed by Son and Madison.

Son has already scored seven goals, tying him with Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) for second place in the 2021-2022 season. Above him is only Elling Holland (Man City – 9 goals), who scored 36 goals last season.

Maddison is establishing herself as an exceptional helper. He already has five assists, which is tied for third on the team.

Son Heung-min, who had two assists delivered to him earlier in the day, provided the perfect assist for Maddison’s goal later in the day, cementing their 100-point chemistry as the new duo behind the Son-Ke duo.

The duo also showed off their unique chemistry by performing a ‘darting ceremony’ together after the goal.

Maddison, who joined Tottenham in a £40 million ($65.8 billion) transfer ahead of this season, has already solidified her ‘Son Heung-min’ status.

“Every morning when I see him, I want to hug him tightly,” he said, adding, “He’s a warm person to be around.

And he’s a fantastic captain.

If your captain is Son Heung-min, you don’t want to let him down because he’s a good person,” he added with a thumbs up.

After scoring a goal with a fantastic assist, he was once again the recipient of unusual praise.

Speaking to the BBC after the game, he was asked about his relationship with Son and replied, “We have a great relationship. 카지노사이트

Sonny is a player I’ve watched and loved for many years and I’m very happy to play with him now.”

“I don’t say this a lot, but he is a world-class player.

I don’t throw that around a lot,” he said, adding, “We like to play together, we train a lot, and we’re starting to understand each other’s play.” He also praised Son’s first goal, saying it was a “wonderful finish” and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

He also praised Son Heung-min’s first goal, saying it was a “wonderful finish” and that it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

As for his own goal, he added that Son was in a good position to finish it himself and delivered a good pass.

However, something was off. Madison and Son Heung-min collided in the 30th minute of the second half.

Maddison was breaking through on the left side of the penalty area, and Son, who had a longer touch and was closer to the goal, collided with him as he approached to shoot.

Maddison looked at Son Heung-min and asked him why he didn’t move out of the way, and Son Heung-min looked at Maddison, who had pushed him out of the way and forced the shot, with a look of confusion on his face.

The videos of the post-match situation also showed the two players’ uncomfortable feelings towards each other.

The two were subbed off afterward, both looking disgruntled.

After the game, Son Heung-min came off the bench and greeted the players one by one, offering encouragement, but he didn’t get the chance to do the same with Madison.

As he approached her, she looked away and walked away, and Son Heung-min gave him a quick glance before moving on to greet the other players.

It was one of those moments that can leave a bad taste in the mouth after a victory.

This was compounded by the fact that he had been involved in an altercation with goalkeeper Hugo Joris earlier in the day.

“No, he got in my way,” Maddison said after the game, when asked if there had been any interference, “I haven’t talked to him yet.

I don’t see him (now). I haven’t spoken to him.

I can’t look at him, I’ll speak to him tomorrow”.

As competitive strikers, it’s a situation that would have made both of them jealous, but Madison seemed to take it especially hard.

He added, albeit in a joking tone.

“I was right in front of the goal, and he was facing the wrong way,” she said, “But, even he’s allowed to make one mistake,” she added.

Of course, it’s not a big deal.

Heung-min has always been a bit of an ‘introvert’, if not a ‘socializer’, and especially as a captain, he struggles to bond with his teammates.

Madison has always shown her admiration for Son Heung-min whenever she gets the chance, and on this day, she was singing his praises.

There’s no denying that the situation made her blush, but it’s part of the game and it’s not uncommon in European soccer for players to get emotional over breathing problems during a match.

What’s more, Maddison smiled and talked about Son Heung-min throughout, and even said that he would “talk to him tomorrow,” indicating that he was willing to make amends.

Most importantly, Tottenham are currently the best team in the EPL, and both Heung-min and Maddison know that they need each other more than anyone else.

For many, the sight of Maddison, who has a great rapport with Son, has erased any nostalgia for Kane.

The vibe is as good as it’s ever been with Kane.

Worrying about the Son-Medhi duo is a luxury, despite the brief hiccups.


OLG Completes Pre-Qualification Screening of Windsor Properties

Late last week, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Company provided an update on its advance eligibility request for Windsor Casino. The Crown Agency said the first step towards finding qualified operators for the property has been completed. 카지노 The current gaming facility is operated by Caesars Entertainment, but the contract expires within two years.

OLG provides regulated but responsible casino entertainment while reinvesting operating proceeds in Ontario. Since 1975, the crown corporation has provided approximately C$57 billion to states that fund critical government priorities. Including healthcare, problem gambling, amateur player support, host community, First Nations, and more, healthcare, problem gambling, and amateur player support.

On May 25, 2023, OLG issued a statement confirming that it had essentially ended its pre-qualification request for Windsor Casino, which is currently operated by Caesars Entertainment. This was the first step in Crown’s procurement process to find the right service provider to take over day-to-day operations while ensuring the site’s long-term growth.

OLG hopes that the following operators will be able to continue to deliver and generate economic benefits by securing competitiveness in the long term. The Crown will now begin due diligence on the RFPQ process’s review of applications and select qualified proponents to advance into the second phase of the procurement process, the Request for Proposal phase.

According to the Crown, candidates who have advanced in the early stages in the Request for Proposal state will be provided with an overview of opportunities at Windsor and the information they need to submit detailed proposals, and OLG will choose to best suit the needs of the area and bring the best economic value to the area and province.

Services significantly improved in early 2023, with Caesars Windsor Casino launching retail sports betting for the first time. The property opened a new state-of-the-art Caesars sportsbook on January 11, 2023, with a special ribbon cutting ceremony boasting seven self-service betting kiosks. There are also numerous screens where sponsors can watch the game.

There were a number of important guests at the awards ceremony, including Brian Mash, the West congressman who lobbied for the decriminalization of single-sport sports betting after former congressman Joe Comatin left office. Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens and Caesars Windsor Chairman Kevin LaForet are among the guests.

Unifor Local 444, which represents the facility’s numerous workers, was pleased to see the casino place its own sports bets. Chairman Dave Cassidy, who was a major supporter, said he welcomed it.


Lotto Max Jackpot Wins C$65 Million Next Round

Last Friday’s Lotto Max draw didn’t find a winner for the Mega Millions jackpot, making the next round even more exciting. 릴게임사이트 Now, on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, the game will offer a C$65 million main prize. But that’s not all because there are eight MaxMillion jackpots worth a million Canadian dollars.

Canada’s Lotto Max is a popular lottery game that attracts many hopefuls with various prize categories and hefty jackpots. The game’s simple rules and two weekly draws make it an interesting opportunity for players to try their luck and dream of changing their lives up to C$70 million.

Players across Canada are currently scheduled for May 30, 2023 and are preparing for the next draw of a nationwide Lotto Max game that will offer amazing prize money. Starting with the C$65,000,000 jackpot, which will be a life-changing windfall for many, a whopping C$1,000,000 each will be followed by a total of eight MaxMillion prizes.

For this occasion, Lotto Quebec reminded the players that since the launch of Lotto Max in 2009, Quebec players have won more than C$3.367 billion in prize money from the game, and since its introduction, the state has won 40 jackpots, including three large C$70 million, the largest lottery jackpot in the state’s history to date.

Among those three major wins was Marcel Lucier, a resident of Brossard who won a life-changing CA$70,000,000 in the draw on June 7, 2022. The day after the draw, he learned of his windfall, and at first suffered from being kicked out of the website. Interestingly, the former Hydro Quebec employee won an award at the building where he worked.

A stunning C$70 million windfall occurred on October 9, 2020 and February 25, 2023. This includes other significant prizes, such as one jackpot of C$6,500,000, four main awards of C$6,000,000, and seven times the C$5,500,000,000. In Quebec, there are also up to $215 million won by players.

Meanwhile, the Ontario lottery and gaming company is warning of another C$70 million worth of tickets expiring at Lotto Max games. Last week, the Crown Organization released a statement to remind Ontarioans that a jackpot of this magnitude, won on June 28, 2022, will expire on June 28 as it reaches the 52 weeks of the lottery jackpot claim period.

The prize is less than a month away from expiring, and Tony Beatonty, a spokesperson for OLG, is worried. This lottery ticket was purchased in Scarborough. He said it’s not unusual for a lottery winner to take time and wait months to claim a windfall, but in this very case, he thinks it’s coming to an end and that’s quite concerning.


World’s 29th-Ranked Coach Korean Soccer is a One-On-One, One-Day Skill

The head coach of Tunisia’s national soccer team, ranked 29th in the world, compared Korea and Japan 19th against each other through two consecutive away evaluations. 스포츠토토 Tunisia lost to South Korea 4-0 on Oct. 13. He also knelt down to Japan 0-2 on the 17th. It is the second consecutive A match in the 2020s.

According to the Japanese newspaper Sports Hochi, Jalel Kadri, the head coach of the Tunisian national team, said, Both Korea and Japan have a common advantage that attacks are very fast. They also have tactical capabilities, he said highly of the two. Tunisia is enjoying its second heyday by passing a series of 2018 and 2022 World Cup qualifiers since 1998-2006, when it succeeded in advancing to the FIFA World Cup finals for the third consecutive time. Jalel Kadri said, The two countries are grouped into Asian Football. I didn’t feel much difference, he said. Korea is excellent in one-on-one situations. The good interpersonal mark can be seen from the same perspective. Japan has a difference in technology, he said in a comparative analysis.

Tunisia has allowed South Korea to break through nine times. In situations where it was not anyone’s ball, he suffered at 1:1, losing his ownership 42 times. It is in contrast to the failure of dribbling defense against Japan twice and the inferiority of the competition in 27 innings. On the other hand, Japan recorded a 60 percent possession rate, 88% pass accuracy, 22 long balls with a distance of 22.86 meters or more in home friendly matches with Tunisia and a 58 percent success rate. Korea had a 55 percent possession rate against Tunisia, 83 percent pass accuracy, 26 long balls, and 49 percent success rate.

Coach Jalel Kadri said, It was difficult to send the ball forward due to the opponent’s attack. The defense was excellent, too. Tunisia also tried to score, but it didn’t give any space at all, summarizing its 0-2 defeat against Japan.

Takefusa Gubo 22, Sociedad, who won Spain’s La Liga first division Player of the Month award in September 2023, assisted Tunisia in an additional goal in the warm-up match, helping Japan win.

Coach Jalel Kadri said, He was a particularly threatening Japanese player to Tunisia. High skill level and plays very smart and smart. Soccer is also a sport where intelligence is important, but it is great in this respect, he said, praising Takefusa Kubo.


Lee Min-ji And Alison Lee’s Cheeky Connection

Alison Lee has a deep relationship with Korea in many ways. His mother was born in Korea, and his father was born to an Irish-American and a Korean. 스포츠토토핫 My father was also born in Korea. There is also a Korean name, Lee Hwa-hyun.

Lee Min-ji was born to Koreans who immigrated to Australia. His father was a golf master and mother aspiring golfer who became a champion at a golf club in Australia. As a result, he and his younger brother Lee Min-woo have been close to golf since childhood. Lee Min-woo won two games in the DP World Tour formerly the European Tour and recently won the Asian Tour SJM Macau Open. Lee Min-ji has 10 wins two major wins on the LPGA Tour, including this victory.

Lee Min-ji’s first relationship with Alison Lee dates back to the US Girls Amateur Championship in July 2012 at Lake Merced GC in San Francisco, California. Lee Min-ji, Lydia Ko, Alison Lee and Ariya Jutanugarn met in the semifinals. In the match-play event, Lee Min-ji beat Ariya Jutanugarn and Alison Lee beat Lydia Ko to reach the final. Lee Min-ji came from behind to win by one hole in the Final match between Lee met. Three of the players who made it to the semifinals at the time are in the spotlight as the main players of the LPGA Tour. Alison Lee, who has yet to win even one game on the LPGA tour, is the exception.

Alison Lee, who started playing golf at the age of six, was known as a golf prodigy from an early age. She was the champion of junior women’s golf, winning six games on the AJGA tour. While attending UCLA, he won the Rookie of the Year award and received the Anika Award given to the best player in the 2012-2013 season. He was also selected three times in the junior Solheim Cup. He was ranked No. 1 in the world in the amateur rankings between 2013 and 2014.

Alison Lee and Lee Min-ji met again at Q school in 2014 and entered the LPGA Tour in 2015 as co – chief. But the road has been divided on the LPGA Tour. Lee Min-ji has won since early 2015 and has grown into Australia’s leading golfer following Kerry Webb, while Alison Lee lost her spot on the LPGA Tour the following year, suffering from depression and considering giving up golf.

The cheeky relationship between the two players continued until the final round of the BMW Ladies Championship on the 22nd. Alison Lee was two shots behind Lee with two holes to go in the final round, but birdied two straight holes to tie for the lead and go into overtime on the 18th hole. Alison Lee has a chance to avenge her upset loss to Lee Min-ji in 2012.

But the goddess of victory was not on Alison Lee’s side. Lee Min-ji hit the ball one meter into the hole and made a birdie, and Alison Lee missed the 3-meter birdie putt.Lee Min-ji was thrilled to have her first victory in her parents’ country, but Alison Lee missed her first LPGA Tour victory, which she was so desperate about, and her first victory in Korea, the home of her heart.

For Alison Lee, it is comforting that she has achieved her best performance of second place since entering the LPGA Tour. She has gradually revived from the 2022 season and has passed the cut in 22 out of 24 competitions, and has made the top 10 four times. In the 2023 season, he has participated in 21 competitions so far and has passed the cut of 18 competitions. One competition is a mid-term ticket, and two competitions are cut off.

From a golf fan’s point of view, I hope both players will be given a chance to win, but with desperation, they lean toward Alison Lee. Lee Min-ji will have another chance to win, but Alison Lee will be curious about the taste of champagne in the winning cup.

Korean-born New Zealander Lydia Ko ranked third 13 under par, Lee Jung-eun and Shin Ji-ae tied for fifth 12 under par, Shin Ji-eun tied for 10th 11 under par, Park Sung-hyun, Yoo Hae-ran, Kim Hyo-joo, and Park Hee-young, who recently became a mother, tied for 16th 9 under par. Park Seo-jin, who tied for 13th with 10 under par, is the player who golf fans are paying attention to. He is a junior high school student and showed off his performance among the great players by participating as a recommended player by the Korea Golf Association.

Park Seo-jin, who boasts an average driver shot of 240m, won the wire-to-wire women’s division of the Kakao VX Maekyung Amateur Golf Championship, which ended on the 1st of last month. Park Seo-jin, who first joined a golf club at the age of 6, has confirmed his selection for next year’s national team. The goal is to enter the LPGA Tour and make the list of Korean winners.

Columnist Bang Min-joon: majored in Korean literature at Seoul National University, joined the Hankook Ilbo, and worked as a journalist for more than 30 years. Exploring the endless world of golf such as golf, encounters with golf in his late 30s, and jungle, he wrote various golf books. For him, the years related to golf are recognized as a path of composition and a voyage to find a philosophy that penetrates life.


Legends rave about Son Heung-min, more than just world-class BEST “One of the best players in EPL history”

Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur) is a world-class player that everyone can agree on.

Heung-min scored one goal and provided one assist to lead Tottenham to a 2-0 victory over Fulham in the ninth round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England, on Thursday (June 24).

Son opened the scoring in the 36th minute. After breaking up a buildup in the Fulham defense, Hichalisson slipped a pass to Son.

Picking up the ball in the arc circle, Heung-min beat one defender before firing a powerful right-footed shot into the corner of the net.

It was Son’s seventh Premier League goal of the season, moving him to within two goals of Elling Holland (Manchester City, nine) in the top scoring race.

Heung-min didn’t stop there.

Nine minutes into the second half, Heung-min found himself in a similar position to his first goal.

This time, instead of taking a shot himself, he found James Maddison cutting in from the left.

Heung-min added an assist as Madison calmly finished.

Heung-min headed to the bench in the 37th minute, replaced by Giovani Lo Celso.

Tottenham defended their two-goal lead in the remaining time to secure the win.

With the win, Tottenham moved to 23 points, ahead of Manchester City and Arsenal (both on 21 points) at the top of the table.

They remain unbeaten in their opening nine games with seven wins and two draws.

Watching the game, Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher was full of praise for Son.

“We’re watching one of the best players in the history of the Premier League right now.

He’s a sensational player,” he said. 카지노사이트

With Liverpool, England, and even Premier League legends hailing him as one of the “best” players in the game, Son has continued to dominate the Premier League.

Son began his Premier League career with Tottenham in 2015 and has spent nine seasons with the club, scoring 110 goals and providing 53 assists in 277 appearances.

Only 34 players have ever scored more than 100 goals in the Premier League.

He is currently tied with Emile Huskey for the honor.

Only two other active Premier League players have scored more goals than Son – Mohamed Salah (Liverpool, 146) and Raheem Sterling (Chelsea, 118).

He was also the top scorer in the 2021-2022 season.

Based on Son’s performance so far, Carragher is not exaggerating when he says he’s the best player in the world.