Korean Dream in 12 Years, Led By Jeon Ji-hee, 12 Years Younger Than Her, Shin Yu-bin

Jun Ji-hee 31, Mirae Asset Securities and Shin Yu-bin, who are fantastic 12th graders, are like sisters. Even after giving Korea the first gold medal in 21 years in the women’s table tennis at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held at Hangzhou Archery Canal Gymnasium in China on the 2nd, she showed off her strong affection. 토토사이트 Thank you for being born Jeon Ji-hee or I won a gold medal thanks to my sister Shin Yu-bin have a bond more than my real sister and brother.

Emotional cohesion is not the only thing. The combination of left-handed Jeon Ji-hee and right-handed Shin Yu-bin, and the combination of Gwan-rok Jeon Ji-hee and spirit Shin Yu-bin also create synergy effects. When young Shin Yu-bin can be shaken, it is up to experienced Jeon Ji-hee to catch the mentorship.

The biggest challenge on the way to the top of Asia was to face Japan in the semifinals. At the end of the first game, when Miwa Harimoto finished with a stuck banana flick a technique that gives a strong rotation with a backhand, Jeon Ji-hee later froze her opponent with the same technique. Such a flag fight is more like a psychological battle.

Jeon Ji-hee opened a way out with experience and skills at every moment of crisis, acting as a leader who did not seem to lose his pace. If the game doesn’t work out, he blames himself, saying, I’m sorry for Yu-bin, which is also to inspire Shin Yu-bin.

He is famous for his sincerity and competitive spirit. Former coach Kim Hyung-seok, who helped naturalize and join POSCO in 2011, said, I was surprised by his mental strength to show something during the week-long domestic test in 2008.

Since then, it has surpassed existing naturalized players and has emerged as a sign of the Korean women’s table tennis team with a bronze medal in mixed doubles at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games and a bronze medal at the 2018 Jakarta and Palembang Asian Games.

He was a former youth representative in China and naturalized in Korea because of his desire for table tennis. Composition of the doubles with Shin Yu-bin is a strategic choice for the Olympic medal. Starting with the women’s doubles gold medal at the Doha Asian Table Tennis Championships in early 2021, the two are currently ranked first in the world.

But it wasn’t always a flower road. It’s time to wrap up POSCO’s 11 years of life last year and have no team. Kim Taek-soo, vice chairman of the Korea Table Tennis Association, asked when he recruited him to Mirae Asset Securities. Are you greedy? Jeon Ji-hee said, I am. I really want to have an Olympic medal, he replied.

Although her body was not normal, she ran only looking ahead, and she gained confidence by winning a silver medal with Shin Yu-bin at the women’s doubles at the World Table Tennis Championships in Durban, South Africa, in May this year. The combination of the two is not even one-off. Reaching the top of the Asian Games is like adding fuel to the flame.

There are five Olympic events, including men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s groups, and mixed doubles, but the combination of the two can be useful because one team game is a doubles match. Although his knees are not good, it is evaluated that he does not have a problem because he trains hard and recovers quickly. In this Asian Games, he was lucky to avoid the Chinese group, but it is expected that he will play equally with any Chinese team in the future.

Jeon Ji-hee, who secured many fans from both Korea and China, was happy after confirming the gold medal, saying, It was difficult to rank in China, but I opened my second life after naturalizing in Korea more than 10 years ago. He still says to those around him, I don’t feel it and I can’t believe it. However, it is likely that he will soon enter a new challenge mode for the Olympic medal.

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