Casino Money Fund Peterborough Capital Project

The Ontario Lottery and gaming company’s quarterly casino payments to Peterborough are useful for the city, which is used to fund critical infrastructure projects. 온라인카지노사이트 For example, more than C$1.6 million in casino funding has been spent on new Quaker Food City Square, splash pads and city trails and bike projects in downtown Peterborough since 2022.

OLG sends payments to the city every quarter for being a host community to Shoreline Casino Peterborough. The allocation is determined by the rating scale of the game’s revenue for the place. Since the opening of the gaming hotspot in October 2018, the city has now collected over C$8,687,987 in non-tax gaming revenue from OLG.

Total gaming funds received by the city in fiscal year 2022 were C$1,588,620. Last week Peterborough Mayor Jeff Leal met with representatives of OLG and casino operator Great Canadian Entertainment at Quaker Food City Square to discuss and celebrate how game payments were used by the city administration.

According to the municipality, more than C$677,909 from gambling proceeds has been used to fund the construction of the new Quaker Food City Square. The City also used some of its revenue to support the construction of a new splash pad, a new Canadian canoe museum, supporting the central community improvement planning initiative and supporting the expansion of the city’s trails and bike network.

In addition, the city administration has informed that more than C$1.8 million of Crown Corporation’s gambling proceeds will be invested in the city’s urban forests. This will include planting trees and maintaining the health of the community’s urban forest canopy, which will be done throughout the current calendar year.

Kathleen Devine, OLG’s senior municipality relations manager, said she was pleased that The Crown had become a major part of Peterborough for more than a few years. She said OLG expects further development based on revenue support. Lastly, she also thanked the locals for making life so much better in Peterborough.

At the start of the new year, OLG sent Q3 game allocations to the Ontario host community. From October 1 to December 31, 2022, Peterborough received a total of C$707,495. It should also be noted that for this fiscal year ending March 31, 2023, the city covered a substantial amount of C$2,217,922.

Casinos are expected to bring even greater gambling payments over the coming quarters due to the rollout of retail sports betting. Back in late October 2022, casinos became one of the first gaming floors in the province to offer sports betting directly through sports betting kiosks. It is located within the existing gaming floor of the casino on Parkway and Crawford Drive

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