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Attention Jo Jin-seok, the tallest person at 216 cm Men’s volleyball rookie draft held on the 30th

Cho Jin-seok, who participated in the 2023 Mungyeong-Beon Patty Burn International University Volleyball Tournament

Cho Jin-seok

(21, Kyung Hee University), the ‘tallest Korean volleyball player ever’ with a height of 216 cm, is knocking on the door of the Korean Professional Volleyball V-League.

The Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) will hold the V-League 2023-2024 male rookie player draft at the Mayfield Hotel in Gangseo-gu, Seoul at 2 p.m. on the 30th.

A total of 42 people submitted applications, including 38 college students, including those scheduled to graduate, 3 students scheduled to graduate from high school, and 1 member of the business team.

The player drawing the most attention is Jin-seok Cho, a middle blocker in his third year at Kyung Hee University.

At 216 centimeters, Cho Jin-seok is the tallest player in Korean volleyball history, 5 centimeters taller than Kim Eun-seop (retired) at 211 centimeters.

He is also 11 centimeters taller than Park Jun-hyuk (205 cm-Hyundai

Capital), who is currently the tallest player in the V-League.

Cho started playing volleyball in the fourth grade at Suncheon Daesok

Elementary School and has been a middle blocker ever since.

Although he is said to be “still lacking in athleticism and strength,” he was

born with a “height” that no competent coach could give him.

That’s why many experts expect him to be a “top pick.

Suseong High outside hitter Yoon Seo-jin (18, 195.5 centimeters) is

another player that professional teams are eyeing.

Yoon captained the national team at the 2023 FIVB Under-19 World

Championship in August, helping South Korea to its third-place finish in 30 years.

KU outside hitter Lee Yoon-soo (20, 197.1 cm) and middle blocker Yang Soo-hyun (21, 200 cm) are also in the running for the top spot.

Hanyang University outside hitter Bang Jun-ho

(21, 194.6 centimeters), the son of 48th Olympic Committee member Bang Shin-bong, who was known as “Spider Hand” during his playing days, is also waiting to be selected by a professional team.

2023-2024 KOVO Men’s Rookie Draft Emblem

The order of the draft picks will be determined by a lottery with 35% for

Samsung Fire, 30% for KB Insurance, 20% for OK Financial Group, 8%

for Woori Card, 4% for KEPCO, 2% for Hyundai Capital, and 1% for

Korean Air, in reverse order of last season’s final standings.

Samsung Fire traded its 2024-2025 first-round rookie pick to Korean Air

in exchange for Son Hyun-jong and a 2023-2024 first-round rookie pick,

giving the team the right to use Korean Air’s first-round pick in the rookie draft.

KB Insurance received Woori Card’s second-round rookie pick in a

December 2021 trade, allowing them to select a player twice in the second round of this draft.

The team selecting the rookie must sign a contract and register the player with the league within 15 days of the draft.

The rookie is eligible to join the team, train, and play as long as he is in good standing.

Rookie contracts are 160 million won for the first two rounds, 140 million

won for the third and fourth rounds, 120 million won for the fifth and

sixth rounds, and 110 million won for the seventh round.

Players selected in the second round will receive 85 million won for the

first and second rounds, 65 million won for the third and fourth rounds,

45 million won for the fifth and sixth rounds, and 35 million won for the seventh round. 슬롯사이트

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