Sask Women Earns CA$66M Through Bolt Breaker, Informs WCLC

Last week, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation revealed another exciting video lottery jackpot. 슬롯머신 This time, the winner’s name is Jennifer Pappard from Humboldt, Saskatchewan, who won more than $500,000 by playing her fan-favorite Bolt Breaker. With this money, she plans to enroll her children in college.

Bolt Breaker is a popular progressive jackpot VLT game. Progress increases for each incrementally available title and 3 jackpots are provided. The largest is the Grand Jackpot, which pays C$500,000 to C$150,000 across provinces, with regional majors with prizes of C$5,000 to C$25,000, and minors with prizes of C$100 to C$500.

Ms. Papad, the winner who arrived at the WCLC office to win a whopping C$660,501 prize, shared a few more details about her windfall. On July 3, 2022, a Humboldt resident won a provincial-wide Grand Jackpot by playing a bolt breaker game at the Pioneer Hotel. And she said she was in shock and disbelief when VLT showed victory.

Mr. Papad said there had been a lot of screaming and jumping up in joy since then. And with that money, she plans to travel a little bit, but that’s not all she’s thinking about. The winner also shared with The Crown Company that he wants to use some of the money to get off to a good start for his children and for college education.

Since 2017, Bolt Breaker’s statewide jackpot has provided an astonishing C$22,391,859.77 to a total of 24 winners in the state. After someone in your area wins the Grand Jackpot, it will reset back to at least 500,000 Canadian dollars. Any time a player bets this week, it contributes to a big prize.

Western Canada Lottery Corporation is an agency of the Saskatchewan Liquor and Game Authority, a state-owned agency responsible for managing, carrying out and operating video lottery-related activities. The latter owns more than 4,200 VLT networks located in more than 570 locations in 270 communities in Saskatchewan.

Scott Whitley from Regina is among the winners from the state who have won big in previous years in the Bolt Breakers. Mr. Wheatley also got his hands on the Grand Jackpot by playing at Regina’s Four Seasons Palace in May this year. His windfall amounts to C$1,188,958.43 and he plans to purchase a new truck and a warehouse trailer as a gift for himself.

In December 2021, WCLC also reported that Rebecca Tyber of the Successful Village acquired a jackpot from a Bolt Breaker. Her prize money was C$1,071,735.48 and she managed to snatch it while playing at the Springs Garden Restaurant and Lounge in Swift Current on November 27, 2021. With this win, she plans to buy a new car.

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