Kim Ha Sung Struck Out And Roared to win The WS With Three Points

With runners on first and third bases, No. 1 hitter Kim Ha-sung entered the batter’s box. 토토사이트 The eyes and ears of 39,719 home fans who filled Petco Park were focused on Kim Ha-sung’s bat, which had two timely hits earlier. The opposing Philadelphia pitcher is Jose Alvarado 28, the best fastball bullpen right-hander of the time. He had 10 holds, 6 saves, and a 1.72 ERA in 32 games until the previous day. He is from Venezuela and played in the World Baseball Classic WBC in March.

Alvarado, who caused the crisis by sending the first two batters in a row with walks, faced Kim Ha-sung after catching the two batters. Kim Ha-sung watched the sinker in the middle of 99.2 miles of the first pitch and picked out two to four consecutive balls. He then fouled out the outside 98.3 mile sinker for the fifth pitch and scored a full count. Kim Ha-sung turned his bat vigorously when the ball flew into the high strike zone outside in the sixth pitch. But it cut through the air. Alvarado’s crystal ball was not a sinker, but a 91 mile cutter.

The game ended 7-9 with San Diego losing by two points. Alvarado roared several times with his fists clenched as if he had won the World Series. Alvarado, who is full of energy and hot-tempered, is famous as a pitcher who shows his emotions openly depending on his usual win or loss. In particular, the day showed the joy of victory more boldly. Why did he do that.

A total of 33 balls were hit by Kim Ha-sung in six at-bats. Up to 32, he never missed a single swing. I was amazed at the peak of the pioneer eye and the ability to pick out the attraction ball.

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