BCLC Reminds Adults To Present Lottery Tickets Responsibly

Christmas is just around the corner, and with that came one of Canada’s busiest periods of lottery sales. That’s why the British Columbia Lottery has restarted its annual Gift Smart public information campaign. It aims to remind parents and adults in the state not to buy lottery tickets as gifts for children, but to be responsible for their gifts.

It is very common for parents to put lottery tickets in their children’s Christmas socks, but lottery tickets are still a form of gambling, the BCLC warns. 릴게임 Crown Corporation will send notifications to more than 3,500 lottery retailers across the state in return for its Gift Smart plan. Messages are also displayed on social media channels.

Peter Weme, Crown’s chief social purpose officer and vice president of player experience, said BCLC promotes responsible play and raises awareness of the risks of underage gambling. He said research continues that children exposed to gambling at an early age are much more likely to develop gambling-related problems.

BCLC works with the National Problem Gambling Commission and the International Youth Gambling Center at McGill University for public information campaigns. Through the scheme, Crown is also trying to provide residents with information and education about the risks associated with presenting lottery tickets to minors as part of its overall strategy to promote responsible play.

According to a study, minors experienced their first gambling at the age of 9 to 11, and about 60% of high school students have actually gambled for money in the past year, while 10% to 14% of teenagers are at risk of gambling problems.

As a result of these findings, BLCL urges parents and adults to have an open and honest conversation with their children about the dangers of gambling. Adults can find more information on #GiftSmart methods at Crown’s . The portal provides resources for families, along with tools, ideas, and information for parents on how to engage in conversations about betting with minors.

In August 2022, Crown Agency released its official financial and highlights report for fiscal year 2021/2022. For the fiscal year, BCLC reported revenue of CA$2.362 billion and net income of CA$1.314 billion from land-based and online gambling activities. The results for FY21/22 are a significant increase from the previous fiscal year.

BCLC offers regulated gambling and sports betting options on the platform. Recently, Crown reminded betters that the website is the only legal in the state, and by playing it, users contribute to BC’s economy. The platform includes technical integrity, age verification and privacy to ensure that players’ data is secure

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