“The void is too big for Son Heung-min to fill”

Tottenham Hotspur made a big splash by sending Harry Kane to Bayern Munich, but the void is predictably large.

British media outlet Athletic highlighted Kane‘s departure on Sunday.

“Tottenham boss Enze Postecoglou has tried to maximize his attack with Son, Heung-min, Michy Batshuayi, James Maddison and Dejan Koulousevski. Kane’s absence has left an even bigger void,” pointing to the lackluster performance of the Son Heung-min-centered attack.

Kane moved to Munich this summer. Aside from an interim loan spell, the Tottenham one-club man was looking for a new challenge.

He broke numerous records in the English Premier League (EPL). Including the most joint goals in league history with Son Heung-min.

More than records and Tottenham legends, Kane wanted a trophy. Spurs were struggling to win the title and qualify for the UEFA Champions League. His patience ran out and he was approached by title favorites Munich.

Tottenham wanted to keep Kane, but with a year left on his contract, they couldn’t get a transfer fee unless they let him go 바카라사이트 this summer. In the end, they let him go for a €100 million transfer fee.

As a result, the first game against Brentford was played without Kane. Tottenham tried to find an answer with the combination of Son, Heung-min, and Klucepski. Concerns grew as Son and Heung-min struggled. Spurs are looking to find Kane’s successor, but for the time being, Son will have to step up to the plate.

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