Declining LG vs. New Record of consecutive wins Doosan Weekend Jamsil leads Fluctuating

The LG Twins, who faced five consecutive losses in the second half, and the Doosan Bears, which started with 11 consecutive wins, will clash in Jamsil this weekend. 토토사이트링크 Attention is focusing on whether the series will break the solid “second-tier system.” From the 28th, three consecutive weekends will be held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul between LG and Doosan, the top two teams in the recent opposite trend.

LG, the No. 1 player in the KBO (Korea Professional Baseball) league, lost five consecutive games as its starting lineup collapsed. Starting with Lotte Giants starter Lee Jung-yong’s six runs in three innings on the 9th, he lost seven runs in 12 innings in two Cali games and three runs in six innings in one Plutco game, and Lim Chan-kyu also failed to fill five innings with three runs in 4 1/3 innings against KT Wiz on the 26th.

The hit is also sluggish. He scored 13 points during the five-game losing streak, with a batting average of 0.214, the lowest in the league overall, and no home runs. Central hitters Kim Hyun-soo, Oh Ji-hwan, Moon Sung-joo, and Park Hye-min failed to exceed 25%.

However, on the 27th, he won 9-6 in the final game of the weekday series against kt, creating an opportunity to turn the mood around.

Doosan won 11 consecutive games until the 25th with a stable pitching and hitting balance. This is the record for the most consecutive wins since the club was founded in 1982. During the winning streak, Raul Alcantara played well with two wins and a 2.50 ERA in three games, and Brandon Waddell with three wins and a 1.00 ERA in three games. Kwak Bin also played his role as a domestic ace with 11 scoreless innings in 2 games.

In the batting lineup, Yang Eui-ji, Jung Soo-bin, Kim Jae-ho, and Huh Kyung-min are showing off their active offense with a batting average of more than 300 percent in July. The winning streak was cut off by losing 2-7 against Lotte on the 26th, but he finished preparing to break the LG and SSG Landers second-tier structure by raising his ranking to third place.

Jang Sung-ho, a sports commentator at KBSN, told the Seoul Shinmun, “At a time when nearly 90 games have been played, batters are bound to be physically exhausted. “The pitchers have to hold out, but the difference in the starting mound between the two teams is wide,” he said adding, “Dusan’s recent performance is so good that the competition for the lead could fall into the fog depending on the results of the three consecutive games.”

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