Student Baseball, A Wooden Bat or a Non-Wood Bat?

Which is Better for Student Baseball, A Wooden Bat or a Non-Wood Bat?’

Baseball Softball Association public hearing successfully completed… Association: “We will think deeply about it”

As there was a lot of discussion about whether wooden bats should continue to be used in student baseball or whether to return to non-wood bats,

such as aluminum bats, the Korea Baseball Softball Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) held a public hearing and heard various opinions. 파워볼게임

According to the association on the 29th, a ‘public hearing regarding bats to be used in competitions for under-18s (high school)’ was held at Daejeon Health University the previous day with 90 field leaders, parents, players, and certified bat company officials in attendance.

A panel of experts, including journalists, discussed the clear definition and explanation of non-wood bats (alloy, hybrid, composite, etc.),

which were previously recognized as aluminum bats, the importance of thorough operation and management of the bat certification system,

the diversity and implications of interpretation through game data,

and the sports industry The need for a careful review of the overall situation, including the college entrance exam system, was shared with the attendees.

The association collected the results of a survey on bat material conducted over the past three years and student athlete game data (batting average, number of hits, number of home runs, slugging percentage, earned run average, strikeouts, average number of pitches per game, etc.)

since 2004 when the association switched to wooden bats, and reference materials such as non-wood bat testing methods and standards were presented.

As Korean baseball recently performed poorly in international competitions, voices began to emerge that non-wood bats should be used again in order to prevent student baseball, which is the lifeblood of baseball, from drying out.

The view is that if student athletes use non-wood bats with good repulsion and swing more boldly, their offensive power will improve.

Cost saving was also taken into consideration as it is more durable than wooden bats, which tend to break easily.

On the other hand, there is a counterargument that returning to non-wood bats without a thorough analysis after 20 years of using wooden bats could have a negative impact on the stabilization of player performance and the industry as a whole.

According to the association, attendees said, ‘It was an opportunity to clearly understand non-wood bats,’

‘I wish there were more events or opportunities like this in relation to the association system,’ and ‘There seem to be some aspects that need to be verified by forming an expert group.

It is said that responses such as ‘I hope it will be carried out with a sufficient grace period through a careful approach and clear procedures’.

In a bat preference survey conducted through anonymous voting after the public hearing,

wooden bats (67.9%) dominated non-wooden bats (30.9%).

Kim Yong-gyun, secretary general of the association, said, “We will continue to collect opinions from various stakeholders,

including coaches, players, and parents, and carefully consider the selection of student baseball bats.”


KIA Tigers, With the Red Light on the Mound

KIA, with the red light on the mound, is a surefire ‘one-inning right-handed setup man’, but it’s disappointing

For the KIA Tigers, the leader in professional baseball who are facing mound management difficulties,

the bullpen staff they most need right now is a pitcher who can take responsibility for three out counts.

KIA will have to hold out for the time being with three starting pitchers,

Hyeon-jong Yang, James Nail, and Young-cheol Yoon, due to the elbow injury of Will Crowe,

who played as the first starter, and the departure of left-handed pitcher Lee Ui-ri, who is also recovering from elbow pain. 파워볼사이트

Crow was diagnosed with partial damage to his elbow ligaments,

so KIA must consider the possibility of having to replace him with another foreign pitcher in the worst case scenario.

A big hole appeared in the starting lineup that had supported KIA’s lead,

putting a strain on the bullpen.

KIA, which has used the tactic of ‘cutting off’ innings by mobilizing all available personnel in winning games,

is expected to rely more on the bullpen for the time being due to the anxiety of the starting pitchers.

However, it is not easy to manage the pitching lineup because there is no right-handed pitcher who can cleanly cover one inning.

The left-handed batting specialist trio of Kwak Do-gyu, Lee Jun-young, and Choi Ji-min are doing their part to some extent,

but the performance of the right-hander duo of Jang Hyun-sik and Jeon Sang-hyeon is not up to expectations.

Jang Hyun-sik and Jeon Sang-hyun’s average pitching innings per game is less than one inning.

In addition, Jeon Sang-hyun, who was diagnosed with a leg bruise after being hit by SSG Landers’ Guillermo Heredia’s batted ball on the 10th,

needs some more time to regain his normal condition.

Compared to SSG, where a solid setup man named Noh Kyung-eun is very active, the Samsung Lions,

who are supported by two right-handed veterans in Lim Chang-min and Kim Jae-yoon.

The NC Dinos, who have formed a new winning team with two fast-ball right-handed pitchers in Kim Jae-yeol and Han Jae-seung,

KIA’s right-handed setup man’s weakness is even more severe. It stands out.

Regardless of left and right-handers, KIA relief pitchers’ excessive walks have reached a dangerous level.

As of the 13th, KIA bullpen pitchers allowed 93 walks, the second most after SSG (101).

Choi Ji-min (15), Kwak Do-gyu (13), and Jang Hyun-sik (12) gave up a lot of walks in that order,

so they were often caught in the second half of the game.


MLB San Diego Coach Bob Melvin, San Francisco’s New Head Coach

MLB San Diego Coach Bob Melvin is Expected to Become San Francisco’s New Head Coach

Ha-seong Kim may play against new coach in 2024 season

There is a possibility that Ha-seong Kim (27, San Diego Padres) will play with a new head coach in the new season.

Bob Melvin (61), manager of San Diego, Major League Baseball (MLB).

He is rapidly emerging as a candidate for the new head coach of the San Francisco Giants. 파워볼게임

American media such as The Athletic and ESPN reported on the 23rd (Korean time),

“The San Francisco team, which has a vacant coach position,

will conduct an interview with coach Melvin,”

“San Francisco has a contract with coach Melvin remaining in San Diego.”

He asked for the club’s understanding and even received permission.

The Athletic reported, “The San Diego team will be significantly affected just by Coach Melvin’s meeting with San Francisco, a district rival.”

He explained, “Rumors of discord between general manager A.J. Preller and coach Melvin have already risen to the surface within San Diego.”

Coach Melvin signed a three-year contract with San Diego in October 2021.

A contract was signed.

The San Diego team invested a huge amount of money to strengthen its power under coach Melvin’s regime, but the results were not good.

San Diego finished second in the district last year and failed to advance to the postseason this year.

As the grades plummeted, rumors of discord emerged within the team.

Recently, American media outlets have poured out reports that the relationship between Director Preller and Coach Melvin has soured.

Director Preller recently explained his relationship with Coach Bob Melvin through a press conference.

General Manager Preller drew a line at the rumors of the coach’s dismissal, saying, “There have been many rumors (such as rumors of discord),

but Coach Melvin and I will try again to advance to the postseason next season.”

Meanwhile, San Francisco, a district rival, began to pursue the recruitment of coach Melvin.

There is still one year left on coach Melvin’s contract with San Diego,

but there is a possibility of changing uniforms. seems big.

The Athletic said, “Coach Melvin’s annual salary is $4 million (approximately 5.4 billion won).

The highest in MLB,” and “San Diego, which has recently been pushing for cost reductions, has Coach Melvin.”

“’s voluntary job change may be welcome,” he said.


KB Sonbo’s Hong Sang-hyuk Takes the Pressure Off Bjorna

KB Sonbo’s Hong Sang-hyuk Takes the Pressure Off Bjorna “I’m Confident in the Triple Crown”

Men’s professional volleyball team KB Insurance head coach Huh In-jung said this on Tuesday after the team sacrificed Korean Air for its first back-to-back wins of the season.

On the day, Andres Biyena (real name Biyena) scored his highest point total of the season (43) and set new records for attack percentage (68.33%) and attack share (56.07%).

However, Korean Air Apogee spiker Lim Dong-hyuk also scored 42 points, so as Hoo said, it was not a game that could be won by Bijena alone. 파워볼사이트

KB Insurance’s victory was made possible by effective turnover management (18-33) and the contributions of outside hitter Hong Sang-hyuk (14 points, 68.42% shooting percentage).

“We need to score from the left side like we did against OK Financial Group (in the previous game) and Korean Air today to have a good game,” Hoo said, adding, “Hong Sang-hyuk has the qualities to grow into a better player.”

It was a valuable performance, especially with Hwang Kyung-min out with a rib fracture.

After the match, Hong Sang-hyuk, 25, gave credit to his teammates.

“I make a lot of mistakes, so if there’s something wrong, Bijena tells me a lot of things so that I can fix it,” he said.

When my weaknesses are compensated for and it goes well, she gives me a lot of praise saying, ‘You did a good job,’” he said.

As for her fellow outside hitter, Liu Hongmin, she said, “When we practice, Hongmin usually tells me, ‘If there is a strong serve, I will receive more, so you should attack,’” and reflected, “I feel more confident and comfortable hitting the ball.”

“Coach Hu always says, ‘Relax and do what you want to do with confidence.

I feel like I haven’t lived up to his expectations, so I’m going to try harder.”


Clash at Daebang Construction Cup Champions Cup

‘Senior vs. Female Driver’ Clash at Daebang Construction Cup Champions Cup on the 15th

Legend League winning team vs. Women’s League winning team… 3 matches, 2 wins, pride battle

Who will win if senior drivers who are past their prime and active female professional drivers face off against each other?

The ‘Senior vs. Female Knight’ match, one of the favorites of Baduk fans, opens for the sixth time. 파워볼게임

Yes Moon-kyung, the winner of the 2023 Sawfalcosanol Legend (Senior) League, and H2 DREAM Samcheok, who won the 2023 NH Nonghyup Bank Women’s Baduk League, won the ‘2024 Daebang Construction Cup Champions Cup’ at the Korea Kiwon Baduk TV Studio in Majang-ro, Seongdong-gu on the 15th.

A battle of pride unfolds.

Yes Mungyeong, comprised of 7th dan Kim Chan-woo, 9th dan Kim Il-hwan, 9th dan Kang Hoon, and 9th dan Naoyuki Nakane, achieved a 2-1 comeback victory over Uijeongbu Happy Special City in the Legend League championship game held in December last year and won the overall championship in its first year of existence.

Against this, H2 DREAM Samcheok is a strong team that won the NH Nonghyup Bank Women’s Baduk League for the first time twice.

H2 DREAM Samcheok, led by 8th dan Kim Chae-young, 9th dan Cho Hye-yeon, 6th dan Kim Eun-seon, and 6th dan Kim Su-jin, is the strongest team in the women’s league, winning the combined championship last year following the 2021 season.

The Champions Cup, where the two teams face each other, determines the winner through a best-of-three series.

The 1st and 2nd countries will be played simultaneously, and if the score is tied at 1-1, the winning team will be decided by the final 3 countries.

There have been various predictions about the match between senior knights and female knights, but the women’s league champion team has won the championship by defeating the legend league team for the past five consecutive years.

Attention is being paid to whether the senior knights will be able to successfully seek revenge in this match.

The prize money for the Daebang Construction Cup Champions Cup winner is 7 million won, and the runner-up prize is 3 million won.