SSG, Live Pitching with Advance Experience of Automatic Ball Judgment

SSG, Live Pitching with Advance Experience of Automatic Ball Judgment and Pitch Clock

Professional baseball SSG Landers performed live pitching in an environment where they could experience the automatic ball judging system (ABS) and pitch clock in advance.

SSG said on the 14th, “On the 13th local time, the pitchers held their first live pitching at the Biro Beach Spring Camp in Florida, USA.”

They added, “We experienced the pitch clock in advance by installing timers behind the catcher and on the center fence in the outfield. 바카라사이트

“While checking the tracking data, I also felt the difference between the strike zone judged by humans and the zone judged by machines.”

Korean professional baseball will introduce ABS from the opening game of this season, and the pitch clock will be piloted in the first half of the year.

SSG In order for players to quickly adapt, an ‘environment suitable for the new regulations’ was established.

On this day, Seung-won Moon, Min-ho Park, Seung-geon Baek, Byeong-hyun Jo, Sang-jun Seo, Min-jun Choi, Doo-sol Han, and Geon-wook Lee took the mound.

Seung-won Moon threw 20 balls and recorded a maximum fastball speed of 143 km/h.

He said, “It was fun to pitch in a situation where there was a batter after a long time.

“I’m not very satisfied, but it wasn’t a bad pitch, and it’s going smoothly in the direction I aimed for,” he said.

“I focused on control rather than velocity and checked by throwing all possible pitches at a 70-80% level.”

The pitcher who pitched live that day Seo Sang-jun, who threw the fastest ball at 149 km/h, said, “I prepared a lot from last year to this camp, but I felt lacking in this pitching.

He pitched with the idea of ​​throwing my own ball, and said, “I want to throw more elaborately next time,” and added, “The coaching staff gave me various advices during the camp, and I was happy that it worked in this pitching.”

Pitching coach Bae Young-soo said, “This time, I checked the preparations the players had made during the camp.

Today, they set up a set position and threw, and they showed good performance in quick pitch and slide step.”

Coach Bae specifically evaluated, “Moon Seung-won is improving his technical skills during the camp, and as much as he puts in effort, things are going in the desired direction.

He tried various things, such as throwing a high ball, and showed a good performance.”


Chairman Bach, Who Showed Off the ‘Finger Heart’

Chairman Bach, Who Showed Off the ‘Finger Heart’, Said, “Gangwon 2024 is an Unprecedented Success”

“It was a festival enjoyed by 250 million people on social networking services (SNS).

Congratulations on the unprecedented success.”

Thomas Bach, Chairman of the International Olympic Committee (IOC),

evaluated the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games (hereinafter referred to as Gangwon 2024)

as a successful event and expressed his gratitude and congratulations to Gangwon Province and the Games Organizing Committee. 바카라사이트

Gangwon 2024, which opened on the 19th of last month,

concluded its 14-day journey with a closing ceremony held at the outdoor plaza of Gangneung Olympic Park in Gangwon-do on the 1st.

Chairman Bach, who held an official press conference held at the Gangneung Main Media Center (MMC) on this day, said,

“This is a competition that makes good use of the legacy of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics,” and added,

“Youth athletes played in the facility where the Olympics were held six years ago, showing a lot of interest.”

“I was moved,” he said.

In particular, he highly praised the performance of the Dream Program,

the ‘soft legacy’ of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

This project was designed to provide experience and training programs,

such as skiing and skating, to youth in developing countries who have difficulty accessing winter sports and to promote cultural exchange and global friendship through sports.

Silver medals were won in the men’s and women’s categories in the bobsled monobob (single-seater).

Other Tunisian and Thai athletes grew into Winter Olympians through this program.

Chairman Bach highly praised the event, saying, “Thanks to the Pyeongchang Olympics that opened a ‘new horizon,’

14 people who went through the Dream Program participated in Gangwon 2024,

providing special solidarity to the whole world.”

He also expressed his gratitude to the ‘Shine Crew’,

the 1,984 volunteers who made the event shine,

saying, “The tireless passion and support of the volunteers, always smiling and ready to help,

led to the success of Gangwon 2024 and contributed to the Olympic movement.”

Added, “Athletes and the Olympic family feel great satisfaction from Gangwon 2024,” and predicted,

“If the participating athletes use this competition as a stepping stone to participate in the adult Olympics,

they will not be intimidated and will receive great help in preparing for the competition.”

He then announced that the venue for the next Winter Youth Olympics in 2028 will be decided and announced at the end of this year or early next year.

As Chairman Bach left the MMC, he presented a specially made IOC badge with the Olympic rings in the shape of a heart to the volunteer and took a photo with them. 카지노사이트 백링크