Gateway Casino Renews MyClub Reward Program

Gateway Casino and Entertainment issued a statement confirming the return of the MyClub Rewards loyalty program across casino properties in Ontario. 릴게임 Customers can now play and earn points on the operator’s property and redeem them in exchange for premium rewards in Casino Lamar. Some of the new experiences include hotel accommodation, spa resorts, cruises and concerts.

The new version of the program now offers exclusive competitions and offers for customers from Bahamar Resort, Norwegian Cruise Line, Play Studio and NFL. In addition, the revised program includes a new exclusive partnership with Bahamar, a $4.8 billion integrated resort, casino and water park located on the Nassau beach in the Bahamas.

Carrie Kormos, chief communications and marketing officer at Gateway Casino, said the company’s facilities are an entertainment destination that aims to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience in and out of the building. The official noted that the partnership with Baha Mar allows guests to enjoy luxurious and sunny vacations.

A new and improved version of the MCR program is the gateway to “reward life,” an ecosystem of benefits and rewards that, as she says, enable members to live bigger and better. There are five tiers: reward, silver, gold, elite, and ultra. Program members can enjoy the same class of benefits as discounted food at the company’s restaurant.

Members can also visit, play and collect credits from any of the operator’s 14 casinos across Ontario. When points are gathered, they can be used for resort rewards and for a variety of amenities, including concerts, hotel accommodations and spa resorts at Casino Lamar Resort. The company’s lucrative partnerships, Norwegian Cruise Line and Bahama, also offer incentives for members to join.

For the event, each property of the operator held a celebration on April 3, 2023. It allowed customers to celebrate the renewal of the program with free drinks, cupcakes, etc. Meanwhile, the Pick Your Reward Life promotion starts at a site where customers can be rewarded with a choice between a Norwegian cruise line, a Bahamas resort vacation or a $5,000 Canadian dollar shopping spree.

In the fall of 2022, Gateway Casino & Entertainment added two premium amenities to Canada’s casino list. On November 23, 2022, the company held a soft open for Playtime Casino Wasaga Beach in Ontario. The building stretches on 25,000 square feet of land with 250 slot machines, live table games and the company’s trademark dining amenities.

But in less than a month, the casino operator launched its latest gaming facility, Cascades Casino Delta, in British Columbia. The new casino site is located at BC-17A 6005 near the southern end of Delta’s George Mash tunnel and next to the junction of highway 99 and highway 17A.


Pil Seung-jo 40 27 who Returned to Samsung

Samsung Lions right-hander Choi Ji-kwang (25) joined the team after being discharged from the Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangmu) on the 12th of last month and is playing the 2023 season. 토토사이트링크 After graduating from Busan High School, Choi Ji-kwang joined Samsung as the ninth-ranked player in the second round of 2017. Choi Ji-kwang has stood out on the first division stage since the 2019 season, the third year since his debut in the first division.

In 63 games in the 2019 season, he recorded 3 wins, 8 losses, 2 saves, 10 holds, and a 4.10 ERA, taking his first double-digit hold in his debut. In the 2020 season, he recorded one win, three losses, and a 15-hold ERA of 4.87, and in the 2021 season, he recorded 7 wins, one loss, and 14 holds ERA of 4.91 in 60 games. Before going to Sangmu, he had a career record of 11 wins, 14 losses, 2 saves, 39 holds and a 5.11 ERA in 191 games.

He is adjusting to the first team stage again this season. It may be regrettable to see only the ERA of one hold in nine games, but Samsung manager Park Jin-man acknowledged that Choi Ji-kwang’s speed was rising and expected Choi Ji-kwang to get better in the future.

Choi Ji-kwang, whom I met recently, said, “When I joined the team after being discharged from the military, it was unfamiliar because most of them were young players. “I was definitely not on the team for a year and a half, so I felt like I was traded and came to another team,” he said.

“The reason why I wasn’t feeling well in the beginning was not that I wasn’t feeling well. I’m doing it with the same mind, but one part didn’t fit. In terms of balance, it felt like both the upper and lower bodies were playing separately. “I couldn’t control it,” he said, looking back on his early return.

However, his speed has now recovered to the late 140km range, and he is on the rise with his first hold since his return on the 22nd. Choi Ji-kwang said, “I continued to consult with pitching coaches and focused on balance. “It’s getting better as I do it,” he said. “I’m not greedy for arrest.” I want to keep it this way. It’s okay if it doesn’t get worse,” he said with a smile.

When I was in Sangmu, the team’s performance was not good. Last season, he remained in seventh place, losing 13 consecutive games, and is struggling at the bottom this season. Choi Ji-kwang said, “I kept watching baseball even inside the unit. I don’t know about the fielder’s side, but what should I say about the pitcher’s side? It was a hit that needed to be caught, and I wasn’t lucky from the beginning. I felt bad because my grades were not good. “I was watching with regret,” he said.

After I went to Sangmu, I had a mindset that I should play baseball better. He said, “My mindset has changed completely. To give an excuse, when I was young, I could have thought, “I can do it again after I come back from the army,” but there is no such thing anymore. You have to do as much as you can,” he stressed.

“I played only for Samsung from the age of 20 to 24. After staying only at Samsung, I went to Sangmu and met other coaches, coaches, and players, so I learned something new. It seems that there is a view that can be seen in a different direction. It was very helpful. He also added, “I tried to learn it by looking for a previously good pitching form video when I could use my cell phone.”

Finally, Choi Ji-kwang said, “I hope it doesn’t hurt. “I want to help the team a little in the first division until the end of the season,” he said. “I’ve never won a championship in my life.” He finished second in the season before joining the army and gave up the trophy as a tiebreaker, which was a shame. “I really want to win once,” he said.


This Disappeared When KIA Changed Both Foreign Pitchers

There was a risk. This is because Sean Nolin and Thomas Panoni, who played last year, did not perform so badly. 토토사이트 Nolin has 8 wins and 8 losses with a 2.47 ERA in 21 games, and Panoni, who joined as a substitute foreign player, has 3 wins and 4 losses with a 2.72 ERA in 14 games. In other words, both of them could have considered renewing their contracts. But KIA wanted a stronger pitch.

Norlin and Panoni were not power features, to say the least. He threw an average ball in the early and mid-140km range with his left-hander. There was a sense of stability, but it was not the type that could overwhelm the opponent with power. Therefore, when struggling, it was also pointed out that there was a slight lack of innings. After seeing this, KIA recruited Shawn Anderson and Adonis Medina, who can pitch more than 150 kilometers per hour, one after another, and threw a winning move to change all of the foreign pitcher lineup.

As expected, the speed of the two players was not so bad. If I made up my mind, I could hit more than 150km at any time. However, his performance fell short of his speed. Anderson struggled because he didn’t have a crystal ball other than a slider, and Medina didn’t make good use of the materials she had and pitched wide. Both players also had something in common that they struggled with walks at important moments. Medina was particularly severe.

Among them, Anderson’s slightly better performance was 2.96, which was not so many walks per nine innings, but the story is a little different except for his good April performance. There were 16 walks in 16⅓ innings in May. In other words, it was a walk that started leading Anderson to the exit. Not to mention Medina. The number of walks per nine innings reached 4.50. It was hard to believe. On top of that, both players were in a tight spot as they failed to show their strikeout ability as expected.

However, this problem is not seen well for new foreign pitchers. This is because Mario Sanchez and Panoni, who were recruited in turn, are showing the possibility of being free from walks. There were not many cases where “walking” was hampered.

Panoni did not have a large number of walks per nine innings last year, 2.61. The strikeout/walking ratio was also decent at 3.04. This year, he gave up only two walks in his first nine innings. As I can’t say I’m in 100% condition yet, I can expect to maintain last year’s level.

Sanchez, who wore a KIA uniform while playing on the Taiwanese stage, is also noteworthy. Sanchez has pitched 18 innings in three games of the season, recording 2 wins, 1 loss and a 4.00 ERA. His ERA may not be satisfactory, but he showed that he is at least a calculated pitcher.

In particular, the strikeout/walk ratio, which is usually regarded as a leading indicator of pitcher performance, is impressive. Sanchez struck out 23 in 18 innings, while giving only one walk. This ratio of 23.00 may not continue, but it is worth giving confidence that at least it is not as likely to self-destruct with a walk as Medina.

The two players are doing well, giving up only three walks in a total of 27 innings. If this continues, we can expect steady performance in the future. KIA manager Kim Jong-kook is also giving a passing score on the stability of the two players. Panonya showed something last year, and Sanchez is also going smoothly.

Head coach Kim Jong-kook said of the two players’ small walks, “It’s the same for any pitcher.” You can get a hit or a home run, but a walk or a hit ball became the start of a big inning run. “When I lose a point, I always get a walk,” he said. Both players have fewer four walks and are unlikely to accumulate as many runners as possible, making it less likely to collapse at once. It could mean that the performance will be calculated in the future, which could be a comfort for KIA, which has to chase the top teams.



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The Guide to Top Types of Online Gambling

The casino industry is constantly experiencing new advancements. Thanks to technology, and particularly, artificial intelligence, online casino websites became a more reliable area to contribute money too. Gamblers can stay completely anonymous for demo plays, or pass a few registering steps to play on real cash. Beyond that, it is all about convenience. If before, one had to pay in-person visits to casino facilities, today everything is done by paying a few clicks only.

The Legitimacy of Online Casinos

Speaking of the US legitimacy of online casinos, one should refer to 2011 when the Ministry of Justice announced sports wagering, online poker as well as real cash casino games legal. After just 6 months, a few states including Delaware, and New Jersey became the legal providers of online casino experience.

Today, there are no known established federal laws that may prohibit betting online. On the other hand, US legislation does not allow residents to run their own casino websites. Then, it is worth specifying that this entertainment have a minimum age limit, which should be fulfilled to play games legally. Most providers allow only 18+ gamblers.

Finally, concerning other countries, the legitimacy may greatly vary. Some countries ban all forms of gambling, and you can be exposed to a great risk of accessing such websites. Prior to starting gameplay, you should follow up with the local law. Otherwise, one more trick is just to check any random but popular casino website. If you cannot play such games, the system will automatically spot your area of residence and inform you about the non-availability of access for your particular case.

Existing Types of Online Gambling Online Casino

Nowadays, there are three widespread different forms of gambling which customers come across on a regular basis – Internet slots, poker, as well as sports wagering. Covering the sought-after casino products, they are online slots, blackjack, alongside lucky lotteries or roulette.

Online Casino

It is what you can imagine of entering the casino facility but just online. It is a website thoroughly designed to meet all your expectations mimicking brick-and-mortar casinos. For instance, there should be a cashier, a vast choice of games including live dealer table/card options, tantalizing bonuses with promotions available to anyone, as well as convenience in terms of online communication with the service team.

Another benefit of this type is its accessibility to mobile gadgets. You can either download a casino app or just access the website through the mobile browser where the interface automatically adjusts per screen size.

Finally, what can better describe the benefit of online casinos than their availability 24/7? Yes, no working hours, no limitations on your gameplay. Just enter the website around the clock, and start wagering with your favorite slots.

Online Poker

The next chance to understand the value of online gambling is to try out Poker. Some of the modern Poker variations online allow entering them with as little as $2. You can also check live dealer Poker where you can chat with others, and feel like in land-based casinos. Yet, it is a risky game that yearly helping casinos get richer and players spend their last money. Ensure to learn all the tricky rules and strategies for the game including the tips on various variations such as:Internet casino slots fit the most adventurous gamblers who just want to spend some time spinning the reels and relaxing. There is no known or hidden science behind such games because everything goes around the pure random and one’s luck. You can truly access hundreds or even thousands of online slots that fall for different categories and themes. For instance, it may concern Egyptian slots, Greek slots, animal features or underwater world slots among others.


If you are a fan of James Bond movies or Ocean’s Twelve where you can spot some scenes in casinos with serious people around the tables, you can partially experience a similar vibe by playing a Roulette. No worries, it only seems like a very serious, not fun game. Thanks to pretty easy rules, you can understand the winning ways faster. All you have to do is to bet on the number or colour and expect the dealer’s ball to fall on your chosen pick.


In case of even easier rules, you can also try out Blackjack. Your main task is to get 21 against the dealer. Whoever the closer to 21 is, that one is the winner. Yet, be very careful with risking, because many gamblers easily go over that amount, and just lose money.


Last but not least, the casino online gambling lottery. Do not think of it as something old-fashioned. Moreover, it has nothing to do with what you see on TV. Today, by playing the lottery, you can access instant prizes and cash without waiting for a month to check the streaming. Buy a ticket online, decide on the numbers or other random signs, and submit it back. In a few moments, you will know whether you are lucky to trigger the win.

The Bottom Line

Different gambling games require some kind of players’ preparation, however, it is limited just to a desire to practice, and learn some strategies without any courses. You can play Poker, or dive in full slots. The main idea is when you pick the online gambling type, you should always remember about responsible gaming experience where you play on your available budget.


Police force the dissolution of the Korean Metal Workers’ Union’s homelessness again…one person in custody

Police force the dissolution of the Korean Metal Workers’ Union’s homelessness again…one person in custody

The police forcibly disbanded a two-day homeless rally last night (21st) in front of the Supreme Court in Seocho-dong, Seoul, which was scheduled to be held by the Korean Metal Workers’

About 80 organizers, including members of the Korean Metal Workers’ Union, held a cultural festival in India, east of the Supreme Court, at 7 p.m. yesterday, calling for a ruling on illegal dispatch cases, and attempted a homeless sit-in on a mat at around 8:45 p.m.

The police ordered the dissolution three times and began the forced dissolution process at around 9:28 p.m.

In the process, Kim Hyung-soo, chairman of the Metal Workers’ Union, was taken to Seocho Police Station.



For non-marriage births, you only have to cross your arms and worry about the low birth rate.

For non-marriage births, you only have to cross your arms and worry about the low birth rate. [Exploration Newsprism]

Hello. I’m Lee Kwang Bin. We start a news prism that diagnoses problems in our society and seeks a sustainable society. Let’s take a look at the issues that Newsprism will address this week.

It has become a so-called “non-marriage era,” a social phenomenon. Young people who want to live alone without getting married are getting thicker. However, more and more people want to have children even if they don’t get married. Non-marital births are drawing attention at a time when people are experiencing ultra-low fertility without hesitation.

Moreover, the view of non-marital births with colored glasses is gradually changing. There are growing calls for recognizing various types of families and not discriminating systematically.

Let’s diagnose a society that encourages non-marriage and see if non-marital childbirth can be one of the alternatives to the low birth rate. Let’s also look at the movement of institutional support for unmarried births with insufficient legal protection. First of all, reporter Kim Jang Hyun.

“In 2750, Korea is the number one country at risk of extinction due to population decline.”

This is the conclusion of David Coleman, an honorary professor at Oxford University, after looking at the low birth rate in Korea.

In particular, experts say that Korea’s total fertility rate of 0.78 last year is hard to see except in the event of a war in history.

Under these circumstances, half of the Korean people think they don’t have to get married, and most of them, especially in their teens and 20s, do not need children even if they get married.

<Lee Min-ho / a member of the Korea Institute of Public Administration> “In order to get married, give birth, or take social responsibility, basic assets are needed, but young people need to spend more time preparing assets, and there are many things to wait for.”

Experts cite financial problems and competitive social structures as the reasons why young people delay marriage and childbirth.

In fact, the cost of raising a child to the age of 18 in Korea was 365 million won, the world’s No. 1 child support.

Analysts say that the excessively competitive social structure has led to an increase in child support costs by significantly increasing the burden of private education costs.

<Jung Jae-hoon / Professor of Seoul Women’s University> “If a competitive society can change, we can see hope… There must be a change in which young people are freed from anxiety about jobs and housing problems…”It should be a society where parents’ work-family compatibility is possible, and not legal marriage-centered support, but various families, especially children-centered support, should be expanded.”

It is pointed out that housing benefits such as special supply and subscription points also need to be designed with a focus on the child’s parenting environment.

<Kwon Dae-jung / Professor of Myongji University> “It is necessary to create a residential environment where young people can live in the city center and change the subscription system…”It is to calculate the ratio of homelessness by generation (such as those in their 20s and 30s) and to compete by generation. The loan support system should vary depending on the various family types…”

The low birth rate problem can provide an opportunity for a turnaround when young people are confident that they can take care of their children without worrying about the future even if they don’t have money right away. The starting point can be found in securing a strong social safety net and resolving the competitive social structure.



A rally to commemorate extreme choice teachers…a call to the truth

A rally to commemorate extreme choice teachers…a call to the truth

In the afternoon of today (22nd), a memorial rally for a teacher at Seoi Elementary School, who made an extreme choice, was held in various parts of downtown Seoul.

The Korean Teachers and Education Workers’ Union held a rally in front of Gwangtong Bridge in Cheonggyecheon at 1 p.m. and said, “We urge the educational authorities and the National Assembly to come up with practical measures to guarantee the collapsed educational rights.”

He also appealed, “The whole society should come forward together for schools where education is possible and classrooms where teachers can teach as much as they want.”

At 2 p.m., a memorial service related to the death of a teacher and a rally for the right to survive were held at Bosingak.

The rally is known to be voluntarily organized online by front-line teachers, not by a specific organization.



“Suspicious Parcels” from overseas all over the country…Report 1,904 cases in four days

“Suspicious Parcels” from overseas in various parts of the country…Report 1,904 cases in four days

<Appearance: Yeom Gun-woong, a professor of police department at Yuwon University>

The whole country is buzzing with unidentified international parcels.

Citizens’ anxiety is growing as some who opened the package said they felt dizzy.

Let’s point out what the reality of the case is and whether it is related to the crime.

Yeom Geon-woong, a police professor at Yuwon University, welcome.

<Question 1> Nearly 2,000 suspicious parcel reports from overseas, including Taiwan, were received in four days. The police said the possibility of terrorism was not high. It’s happening simultaneously all over the country. Suddenly, strange international mails are being sent to Korea all at once. What do you think of this incident?

<Question 2> There are also rumors that drugs are contained. This morning, it was even reported that gas was detected in the package delivered to Cheonan. Although it was corrected by a false report, do you think public anxiety is spreading because the substance of the case has not been revealed?

<Question 3> The first report was a welfare facility for the disabled in Ulsan, but it was later found in various parts of the country, not in a specific area. Parcel delivery destinations were also randomly selected, including homes, companies, and factories. There were cheap things like lip balm in there, or there were things that were completely empty. What singularities and commonalities can you identify in this case?

<Question 3-1> It looks different from normal mail in that it is in a yellow, white, or black mail bag and some mails are double-wrapped with plastic etc?

<Question 3-2> The shipping location is almost Taiwan. There were also mails from Malaysia and Uzbekistan. We can’t see each other as a different case, can we?

<Question 4> Although no poison or chemicals were found in the package, caution is required, such as not opening it prematurely. How do I report suspected mail if I find it?

<Question 5> The Taiwanese authorities believed that there were more than 2,500 packages sent to Korea. It has been confirmed that all departed from Shenzhen, China, last month. The government suspects the possibility of shopping mall fraud, or some kind of “brushing scam.” Why would anyone do that?

<Question 6> The police believe that it is the same destination as the ‘Brushing Scam’ fraud case in the United States three years ago. At that time, when I bought clothes at a Chinese shopping mall in Korea, seeds were found in my pocket, causing an issue. What is the purpose of this extensive parcel delivery?

<Question 7> The first shipping destination is China. Why did you cheat on the delivery destination via Taiwan, and do you think it has nothing to do with the crime?

<Question 8> What is clear is that more than 2,500 personal information, including domestic addresses, have been leaked. I don’t think this is a separate case. Maybe someone hacked his personal information and abused it for a crime?

<Question 9> There is no guarantee that terrorism or crime using this international mail delivery system will not occur in the future. Do you think there is a need for new standards for more detailed postal and parcel customs procedures, or any institutional improvements?



All-Star Game sellout crowd…MVP ‘grand slam’ Chae Eun-sung

The baseball All-Star Game was held in Busan for the first time in 16 years.

Despite the bad weather, a full house of spectators from all over the country came to enjoy the festival. For the first time in 41 years, Chae Eun-sung hit a grand slam home run in an All-Star game and won the MVP award. Starting pitcher Yang Hyun-jong can’t help but laugh at the sight of Koo Ja-rook, who came to bat first accompanied by a girl group song. “I don’t know if we should say it’s a beauty line…. Yang Hyun-jong is mesmerized right now.” With his long hair neatly trimmed, the first pitch he hits floats high, and the crowd bursts into laughter as he ejaculates while calling catcher Park Dong-won “big brother. Other performers who responded to their nicknames, including Noh Jin-hyuk as “Noh Prosecutor” and Kim Min-seok as BLACKPINK’s Jenny, delighted fans. The 23,000 seats at Sajik Stadium were sold out as fans traveled from all over the country in bad weather. “I live in Wonju. I drove from Wonju, and my child said I had to go, so I came with difficulty. It was raining like crazy “It’s my first All-Star Game, so I’m even more nervous and thankful to my parents for giving me this opportunity.” As if responding to the fans’ support, the players made cool plays. Chae Eun-sung, who had won the home run race the day before, took 카지노사이트킹 home the MVP honors with her second All-Star Game walk-off home run, a feat not seen since 1982. “I feel like I’m getting good energy by coming to the All-Star game, and I hope I can take this good energy back to my home team and do well in the second half.” At the plate, Samsung’s foreign pitcher Buchanan drew a walk against closer Ko Woo-seok, and the top All-Star vote-getter Lee Jung-hoo took the mound to make a pitching change. Players and fans alike smiled and cheered as they cheered on Korean professional baseball, which is set to soar again in the second half of the season. “Go Korean baseball!”