‘Chelsea 20 goals FW Arsenal? We won’t win anything there!”

Former Manchester United soccer player Dwight Yorke has some advice for Chelsea’s new ace, Cole Palmer. He told him to stay at Chelsea instead of going to their rivals Arsenal. His reasoning was that Arsenal doesn’t win trophies either.

“According to former Manchester United striker Yorke, Palmer will not win trophies if he moves from Chelsea to Arsenal,” the British media outlet Metro reported on July 27 (KST), “Yorke believes Palmer should not leave Chelsea after just one season and is not guaranteed trophies anywhere else.”

“Palmer should stay at Chelsea and be the best for the club and be the one who builds the reputation and takes the club forward,” Yorke advised, “Sometimes players can move to bigger, more successful clubs, but players can be the ones who take a club (like Chelsea) to the next level.” He went on to say that Palmer should stay at Chelsea because “if he goes to Liverpool, he’s not going to become a bigger player than Mohamed Salah or Virgil Pandey.”

Palmer moved to Chelsea this season and became the Blues’ ace in his first season. The former Manchester City youth product made his debut for the Blues, but when he didn’t get a chance to play, he decided to make the move to Chelsea.

With Chelsea languishing in ninth place in the league and missing out on the chance to lift the English FA Cup and the Carabao Cup, Palmer has been the boy wonder of the season. He’s even been called the best player of the season despite his team’s poor form.

Palmer’s record this season has been stellar, with 20 goals and nine assists in 23 league appearances. Nine of his goals have come from the penalty spot for Chelsea, but his record is still one of the best in the league. He’s tied with Man City striker Elling Holland for the league lead in goals. With one more assist, he could reach the ’20-10′ mark.

Palmer, who made his professional debut in the 2020-2021 season, has only played 41 games for City in four seasons, but he has established himself as a regular in Chelsea’s starting lineup with 39 appearances this season alone.

City had no intention of letting him go. Speaking at a press conference ahead of the English FA Cup semifinal between Chelsea and City on May 21, City manager Pep Guardiola said he didn’t want to let him go, but Palmer had been begging him to let him go for two seasons, so he had no choice. Guardiola said he still loves Palmer despite his move to Chelsea.

There’s a reason Yorke linked Palmer to Arsenal. It’s because Arsenal beat Chelsea in a big way. Chelsea lost 0-5 to Arsenal in the 29th round of the Premier League on April 24th. 사설토토 Palmer, Chelsea’s ace, was sidelined with an injury, and Chelsea felt his absence acutely and suffered from a lack of goals. Palmer had to watch his team lose.

Arsenal moved into first place in the league with the win over Chelsea. Second-place Man City has played one game less and has a one-point advantage over the Gunners, but the Gunners are competitive enough to compete for the title.

Mikel Arteta took over as Arsenal’s manager in October 2019 and has been building a solid foundation for the club since last season, after a lackluster first three seasons. The Gunners finished second last season and are in contention for the title again this season. However, Yorke didn’t see Arsenal’s chances of winning the title as high.

He was concerned that Palmer would want to go to Arsenal after seeing the Gunners’ big win over Chelsea. “This is his first full season and we’ll see how many years he has left,” York said, adding that he is excited for the future.


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