“Basketball is so much fun these days,” says Korea Gas Corporation’s Ahn Se Young.

Ahn is doing her best to prepare for next season.

Ahn Se-young (180 cm, G) was selected in the third round of the 카지노사이트 2022 KBL Rookie Draft with the 8th pick, the last pick of the draft. Her strength was defense. She has excelled in defense since she was a student at Sungkyunkwan University.

However, it was hard to see Ahn’s performance in the first team. In seven games in the D-League, Ahn averaged 2.4 points in 12 minutes and 40 seconds of play.

Although she didn’t play much last season, Kang Hyuk, the new head coach of KOGAS, said, “This season, I’m going to use the players evenly. We need to utilize their strengths and mask their weaknesses. In particular, we want to play more young players. (Ahn) Se-young will get her chance when she’s ready,” he said, explaining his plans for next season.

Indeed, Ahn Se-young has been getting plenty of opportunities in practice. After a practice match with the Korean national team, Ahn said, “The acting coach is very meticulous. So I’m learning a lot from him. He pays attention to every single step in defense. In fact, I’ve been defending the opposing ace since college, but what I’m learning now is completely different from the past. At the same time, I’m also playing. Basketball is so much fun these days,” he said.

“In college, I used to struggle with their screens. Recently, it’s gotten a little better. (Laughs) I hope to show my good form during the season as well.”

In that game, Ahn also made a three-pointer late in the game. Looking back on the game, Ahn said, “I don’t even remember if I made the shot. (Laughs) I think (Moon) Sung-gon was the older brother in front of me. It feels so good,” she said of her three-point shot in front of her best defender.

Ahn continued, “Even during the vacation, the acting coach gave me extra homework. He emphasized my steps, so I tried my best to live up to his expectations,” she said, recalling her experience with Kang.

As mentioned earlier, Ahn’s strength is defense. In order for her to get more opportunities, she needs to work on her defense. Ahn knew this, too. “Actually, all of my brothers in the same position are better than me. To win the competition, you have to look beyond your skills. First of all, I’m younger and I play better. (Laughs) So I want to play defense and do dirty work.”

“My biggest goal is to be a player that helps the team. To do that, I have to do everything I can. That’s my determination,” he concluded the interview.