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Hwang Sun-woo, 200m bronze, now 100m freestyle beats his own record by two years

South Korean swimming sensation Hwang Sun-woo holds a doll after winning bronze in the men’s 200m freestyle final at the 2023 World Aquatics Championships at Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall in Fukuoka, Japan, Friday afternoon.

Hwang Sun-woo (20, Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province), who broke the Korean record in the 200-meter freestyle to win bronze at the World Championships, will try to break the record in his next event, the 100-meter freestyle.

Hwang will compete in the men’s 100-meter freestyle preliminaries at the 2023 World Aquatics Championships Fukuoka at 11:13 a.m. on Saturday at Fukuoka Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall in Fukuoka, Japan.

In the 200m freestyle final the previous day, Hwang won the bronze medal with a time of 1:44.42, 0.05 seconds faster than the South Korean record (1:44.47). Hwang, who won silver in the 200m freestyle at last year’s World Championships in Budapest, also reached a new milestone by becoming the first Korean swimmer to medal at two consecutive World Championships.

Hwang will now focus her efforts on her final individual event, the 100-meter freestyle. The 100 meters is scheduled for the semifinals at 8:26 p.m. and the final at 8:21 p.m. on the same day.

Compared to the 200m freestyle, which was a strong gold medal contender, the 100m freestyle is not a ‘medal’ event, so it’s a bit of an oddity.

“My world ranking in the 100m freestyle is ninth. As long as I make it to the final (of eight), I’ll be able to compete without any pressure, so I think I’ll have a good result,” he said, adding that he was looking forward to the challenge.

It’s not a direct comparison, but he was second in the first 100 meters of the 200-meter freestyle final, so a ‘surprise medal’ is not out of the question if he keeps his momentum going. For now, he is focused on pushing his own limits rather than medals.

Hwang holds the South Korean record of 47.56 seconds in the 100-meter freestyle. He broke the record in the semifinals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where fans were introduced to the star that is Hwang Sun-woo.

With his time, Hwang became the first Asian athlete to reach the final of the men’s 100-meter freestyle at an Olympic Games in 65 years, since Atsushi Dani (Japan) in Melbourne in 1956.

Hwang said, “It’s been two years since I haven’t beaten my best time in the 100 meters. I’m very eager to improve my time. 카지노사이트 A major competition is a great opportunity to break the record,” he said.

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Cho Kyu-sung makes league’s best 11 on debut for Denmark

Scored a goal in his opening debut

National team striker Cho Kyu-sung (Mittwylan) has been named to the first round of the Danish professional soccer Superliga after scoring the opening goal.

The Superliga secretariat released its first-round best 11 for the 2023-2024 season on Monday (June 26) and named Cho Kyu-sung as one of the top strikers in the 4-4-2 formation.

He joined Mitwylan from Jeonbuk Hyundai in the summer transfer window and made a strong impression, scoring a goal in the opening match of the 2023-2024 season. It was his debut.

He scored the game-winning goal in the 10th minute of the second half against Hvidovre at the MCH Arena in Herning, Denmark, on Sept. 22.

The secretariat said of Cho: “We have found a new striker in Mitwillan. He did well against Hvidovre. He scored the winner.”

After scoring on his debut, Cho Kyu-sung said, “I’m very happy to make my debut and I’m happy to score a goal, but I have to forget about it because there are many games left. I’m focusing on the upcoming games and getting used to Danish soccer.”

Mitwylan will host Progress Niederkorn (Luxembourg) on Sunday in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Europa Conference for the 한국야동 2023-2024 season.

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Fans’ sincerity, local governments and clubs change minds How Goyang Sono, a 10-team basketball team, was born

Fans and players of the Goyang Daywin Jumpers basketball team hold a press conference about the basketball team’s wage arrears at the National Assembly Communication Center in Yeouido, Seoul, on Thursday afternoon.

Sono, the 10th team in men’s professional basketball, has finally found a home in Goyang City, which was somewhat expected given the circumstances, but was only possible because of the fans who traveled everywhere.

Sono was approved as a new member at the Korean Basketball League’s (KBL) 29th Extraordinary General Assembly and Board of Directors on March 21.

The KBL’s approval gives Sono, which has been preparing to start a franchise as a condition of taking over the Goyang Day One team, which was disbanded due to the parent group’s management difficulties, further momentum. The plan is to hold an inauguration ceremony in mid-September before the start of the new season.

Sono’s hometown has been confirmed as Goyang City, where Day One was previously based. Sono has already negotiated with the city and will hold a signing ceremony soon.

“We chose Goyang because we prioritized the happiness of our athletes,” said Sono head coach Lee Ki-wan. “It also means that we want to revitalize Goyang Sonokam (a Sono-owned resort facility). I also suggested to the mayor of Goyang that we change the name of the gym to Sono.”

Goyang is a former home of Orion and Day One, so it has a well-developed basketball infrastructure and a strong fan base.

The players who switched from Day One to Sono also wanted Goyang City, and Goyang City was interested in hosting Sono, especially since there is a resort facility called Sonokam in the city.

However, the situation was complicated by the fact that several local governments, including Pohang City and Incheon City, which wanted to relocate Day One’s affiliation to Busan, were in the running for Sono.

In particular, Busan City entered the negotiations with strong financial support, and there were talks that Sono might leave Goyang City.

Sono Skygunners head coach Lee Ki-wan answers questions from reporters during a press conference for the Sono Skygunners at the KBL Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on Monday.

Then, local basketball fans took action.

The group, which had been lobbying the local political system even before the disbandment of Day One to get the players to hold a press conference at the National Assembly, then went to Kim Jong-hyuk, chairman of the Goyang Party of the People’s Power, and appealed to him to “allow us to cheer for the players in Goyang City.”

In response, Kim traveled to the Goyang Chamber of Commerce and Goyang City to convince officials that the city should host a basketball team.

Goyang Mayor Lee Dong-hwan, who had seen Day One’s performance in the playoffs earlier this year, couldn’t turn a blind eye to the fans’ request and promised active support to Sono, eventually securing the team’s return.

The fans’ sincerity was enough to convince Goyang City to embrace Sono. It’s unclear what terms Goyang offered Sono, but it’s expected to include discounts on sports facilities and advertising.

“Until Day One was disbanded, there was no guarantee that Goyang would have a basketball team again, but dramatically, Sono announced its intention to buy the team and eventually settled here again,” said Goyang basketball fan Park Mo. “It’s a miracle for the fans who watched the whole process. It’s really exciting.”

The players are also happy to be back in their old stomping grounds.

Sono captain Kim Kang-sun said, “I’m grateful to be able to stay in Goyang City. “The atmosphere in the team is really good, and we will work hard and prepare to impress again,” said Kim.

Meanwhile, Goyang City is expected to appoint Sono ace and national shooter Jeon Sung-hyun, 32, as a city ambassador. 토토사이트 The plan is to utilize the Sono star and national team member to enhance the city’s image and raise its profile.

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Only good at defense? Kim’s 20-20 challenge to break the stereotype

In his third year in the big leagues, Kim is hitting .270 with 14 homers, 37 RBIs and 18 doubles.
Hit .349 in the second half of the season

Ha-Sung Kim (San Diego Padres) is on pace for his best season yet.

Since joining the American Major League Baseball in 2021 from the KBO, Kim has been recognized more for his defense than his offense.

In his first season in the big leagues, he showed off his versatility by playing second and third base in addition to his primary position at shortstop. Last year, he was one of three finalists for the National League Gold Glove at shortstop, filling the void left by the departure of Fernando Tatis Jr.

This year, he’s moved to second base and continues to play solid defense. According to Baseball-Reference, Kim ranks first in the majors with a dWAR (defensive wins above replacement) of 2.1.
At the plate, however, he hasn’t gotten as much attention.

As he adjusted to a new league, Kim batted just .202 with eight home runs, 34 RBI, 27 runs scored, and six stolen bases in 2021. Last year, he hit .251 with 11 home runs, 59 RBI, 58 runs scored, and 12 stolen bases.

After an improved but unsatisfactory first season, Kim has taken another step forward this season.

Heading into the season, he was confident that his bat would be “better than last year,” and he’s proving it.

Through 25 games, Kim is batting .270 with 14 home runs, 37 RBIs, 53 runs scored and 18 stolen bases.

Against the Pittsburgh Pirates on May 25, he led off the game with a solo shot to left-center field and followed it up with another over the left-center field fence in the fifth inning. After hitting his 13th and 14th home runs of the season on the same day, Kim recorded his first multi-homer game since joining the big leagues.

His defense has been a staple, but now he’s coming into his own offensively.

In the second half of the season, Kim is batting .349 (15-for-43) with four home runs and six RBIs in 11 games. If you extend that to his last 30 games, he’s still hitting .327 (110-for-36) with nine home runs and 18 RBIs.

Having booked his career highs early, Kim is now within striking distance of becoming the first Asian infielder to reach 20 homers and 20 doubles. With 61 games left in the season, Kim needs just six more home runs and two more doubles to join the iconic 20-20 club.

Only outfielder Shin-Soo Choo (SSG Rangers, 2009-2010-2013) and pitcher/designated hitter Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels, 2021) are the only other Asian-born major leaguers to join the 20-20 club. If Kim achieves the feat, he will be the first Asian infielder to do so.

During his KBO career, Kim was an all-around infielder who could play offense, defense, and baseball. He hit 20 home runs and 20 doubles twice (2016-2020) and sent 30 balls over the fence in 2020.

Now, he’s back in the major leagues, and he’s hitting the ball hard. His offensive, defensive, 고스톱 and base-running abilities make his value shine even brighter.

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Wimbledon champion Vondrowsova’s tattoo “No rain, no flowers”

Two left wrist surgeries watching Wimbledon in a cast last year
Great sports DNA pentathlon champion grandfather – volleyball star mother

Marketa Vondroushova (42nd, Czech Republic) made history by becoming the lowest-ranked champion ever to win the women’s singles title at Wimbledon.

Wozniacki defeated Ons Jaber (No. 6-Tunisia) in straight sets 2-0 (6-4 6-4) in the women’s singles final at the All England Club in London, England, on Friday.

It was Bondrowsova’s first major title at Wimbledon.

She made history by becoming the lowest-ranked player to win a Wimbledon title since the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) rankings system was introduced in 1975. She also became the first unseeded Wimbledon women’s singles champion since the top 32 singles players were seeded.

Bondrowsova has a myriad of tattoos on both arms. Hearts, tulips, dice, the number 13 – she lost count. When she wasn’t competing or training, she had a hobby of tattooing. He started when he was 16 years old.

The phrase “No Rain, No Flowers” on her right elbow stands out. It means that before you can enjoy the good times, you have to go through hardships and adversity.

Bondrowsova was runner-up at the 2019 French Open and won a silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 2021. She hasn’t been able to get over the hump.

The left-hander has also undergone two surgeries on her left wrist. Last year, he had to watch Wimbledon as a spectator in a cast. Her sponsor Nike terminated her contract.

“After the second surgery, it was very stressful. I couldn’t watch tennis,” she says, “I was really sad. I didn’t play for six months, and I was in a cast for three months. I couldn’t do a lot of things.”

He added: “It’s a great achievement. I had a bet with my coach that if I won this time, he would get a tattoo,” she laughed.

Bondrowsova started playing tennis at the age of four, when her father took her under his wing. In addition to tennis, she showed talent in skiing, soccer, table tennis, and other sports.

She inherited good sports genes. 토토사이트 Her maternal grandfather was the Czechoslovakian pentathlon champion, and her mother was a volleyball player.

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Pandesar, who collapsed with a brain hemorrhage, is moved to a hospital in the Netherlands

Being able to communicate

Legendary Dutch goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar has been moved to a Dutch hospital after suffering a brain hemorrhage while on vacation in Croatia.

Pandersar was transferred from the University Hospital in Split, Croatia, to the intensive care unit of a Dutch hospital on Thursday, the Ajax club said on its website on Friday (local time).

Pandersar is reportedly in a critical condition and is able to communicate.

Pandersar has been receiving treatment at the hospital since collapsing with a brain hemorrhage while on vacation in Croatia recently.

During his career, the former Netherlands international goalkeeper played for Ajax, Juventus, Fulham, and Manchester United.

At United, he played alongside Park Ji-Sung in his prime.

After retiring in 2011, 카지노사이트 he turned to administration and was until recently a member of the Ajax club board.

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NBA star Curry shoots hole-in-one at US celebrity golf tournament and leads the pack

National Basketball Association (NBA) star player Steph Curry, 35, of the Golden State Warriors, has taken a hole-in-one lead in a U.S. celebrity golf tournament.

Curry made the hole-in-one on the seventh (par-3) hole during the second round of the American Century Championship ($600,000 purse) at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course (par-72) in Stateline, Nevada (USA) on Saturday.

Curry’s tee shot on the 152-yard seventh hole landed about a meter in front of the cup and went straight into the hole.

Upon realizing he had made a hole-in-one, Curry took off his hat, threw up his left glove, and ran to the cup to express his joy.

“It’s the second hole-in-one of my life,” Curry said, adding, “I was out of breath after running a distance longer than a basketball court, but it was worth it.”

The tournament brings together celebrities, including former and current stars of American sports, to compete in golf. It’s a modified Stableford format that awards 10 points for an albatross, 8 points for a hole-in-one, 6 points for an eagle, 3 points for a birdie, 1 point for a par, and -2 points for anything worse than a double bogey.

The NBA’s leading three-point shooter, known for his ability to hit long-range three-pointers, added eight points in the tournament, sinking the ball from 140 meters away.

Curry, who finished tied for 16th in the event last year, led the field with a 50-point total after the hole-in-one.

Curry needs just one final round to clinch the title in the three-round event.

National Hockey League (NHL) player Joe Pavelski and former tennis player Maddie Fish (USA) are tied for second with 47 points.

Golf queen Anika Sorenstam (Sweden) 한국야동 is tied for eighth with 34 points, while last year’s winner, National Football League (NFL) player Tony Romo (USA), is tied for 12th with 32 points.

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Kim Joo Hyung 1 stroke off 3R lead at Genesis Scottish Open

Tied for fifth, Ahn seeks first win

South Korea’s Joo Hyung Kim is tied for second place after the third round of the Genesis Scottish Open ($9 million purse), a tournament co-hosted by the PGA Tour and DP World Tour (European Tour).

Kim carded three birdies and no bogeys for a 3-under 67 in the third round of the tournament at The Renaissance Club (par-70) in North Berwick, Scotland, on Saturday (July 16).

After entering the day tied for seventh place, Kim jumped to a share of second place in the second round and is now in sole possession of second place after three rounds at 12-under par 198.

Kim picked up her first win at the Wyndham Championship last August and followed it up with a second at the Shriners Hospitality Open in October.

After going winless since then, Kim rebounded with an eighth-place finish at the U.S. Open last month. Kim will be looking for his third career victory at this event.

Ahn Byung-hoon, who was tied for second place with Kim in the second round, dropped one stroke to finish in a tie for fifth place at 10-under-par 200. Ahn will be looking for his first PGA Tour victory in this event.

Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland) remains atop the leaderboard. McIlroy, ranked No. 3 in the world in men’s golf, led the field with a 13-under-par 197.

Lee, who was tied for 17th after the second round, 토토사이트 dropped to a tie for 39th with a 5-under-par 205.

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Ryu Hyun-jin pitches 5 innings of 1-run ball at Triple-A close to returning to the big leagues

The “Korean Monster,” Ryu Hyun-jin, 36, of the Toronto Blue Jays, pitched well in his third rehab start and moved closer to a major league return.

Hyun-jin Ryu started against the Detroit Tigers’ Triple-A Toledo BirdHens on Saturday (June 16) at Salmon Field in Buffalo, N.Y., allowing one run on three hits (one home run) in five innings with five strikeouts.

After spending time in the Rookie League and Single-A to check his health, Hyun-jin Ryu made his first appearance at the top level of the minor leagues.

Ryu got off to a shaky start in the top of the first inning, giving up a solo home run to Justin-Henry Malloy.

However, he retired the side in order in the second through fifth innings.

On the day, Ryu threw 66 pitches (46 for strikes).

Hyun-jin Ryu signed a four-year, $80 million contract with Toronto ahead of the 2020 season. After undergoing elbow surgery in June last year, Ryu has been working on his conditioning with the goal of returning in late July. This is the final year of his contract with Toronto.

Since his debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2013, 고스톱 Hyun-jin Ryu has compiled a career record of 75-45 with a 3.27 ERA.

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Nana Boateng Jeonbuk Debut

“I want to adapt quickly and show my ability”.

Jeonbuk Hyundai won 1-0 against Suwon FC in the 23rd round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 on Saturday at Jeonju World Cup Stadium.

The win puts Jeonbuk level with Seoul on 37 points from 11 wins, four draws and eight losses, but they remain in fourth place due to goal difference.

Midfielder Nana Boateng, who joined Jeonbuk in the summer transfer window, made his debut for the club.

Placed in the midfield alongside Park Jin-seop, Boateng worked hard until he was substituted in the 16th minute of the second half.

After the match, Boateng said, “It was an honor to play for Jeonbuk. I was able to play a good game and I’m most happy with the win.”

“I played with Coach Petrescu for two years, so I know his style of football. I decided to move to Jeonbuk because I wanted to play under a coach who has clear goals and strives to win.”

Boateng added: “I’ve been in Korea for 10 days. From what I’ve experienced so far, everything has been fine. There’s nothing particularly difficult about the weather, except that it’s hot,” he said, adding, “The humidity is high. In Ghana, it’s dry. Korea has high humidity, which is a challenge.”

“I’ve only played one match so it’s hard to say much. But I want to adapt quickly and show what I can do. The interesting thing is that we have a lot of quality players,” he said, adding, “I will adapt quickly so that I can contribute to the team.” 토토사이트