The distance between first and second base in baseball will be shortened by 11.43 centimeters… Will stolen bases increase?

From this year’s KBO League, the base size will be 18 square inches.
KBO League base size will increase. Defensive shifts will also be limited.
The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) held its first board meeting for 2024 at the Dogok-dong Baseball Hall in Seoul on the 11th, with representatives of 10 clubs in attendance, and finalized the application of the automatic ball judgment system (ABS).

The pitch clock (pitching within a time limit), which is being introduced to speed up the game, will be piloted in the first half of the season before deciding whether to apply it in the second half. “

This is to give players enough time to adjust to the pitch clock in actual games to minimize confusion and ensure smooth play,” the baseball committee explained.
The base size will increase from 15 inches by 15 inches to 18 inches by 18 inches, just like in Major League Baseball.

In addition to preventing player injuries, this will increase stolen bases by 4.5 inches (11.43 centimeters) between first and second base, which will increase stolen base success rates.

Last year, Major League Baseball introduced 18-square-inch bases for the first time, and combined with the pitch clock and runner-stopping restrictions, stolen base success rates exceeded 80 percent for the first time in league history.

It was 80.2% (75.4% in 2022).

There were also more stolen base attempts (1.8 per game) than in 2022 (1.4 per game).

If the Major Leagues are any indication, the KBO is poised to get even more intense. Last year, the overall stolen base rate in the Kabio League was 72.4%.
Defensive shift restrictions will also be implemented in the Kabio League and Futures League starting in the first half of the season.

Teams have been putting infielders between first and second base whenever a left-handed hitter is up to bat, but this will likely be limited to the Major Leagues starting this season. 카지노사이트가이드

Major League Baseball requires two infielders on each side of the second base line.
The pitcher’s three-batter mandatory opponent system will first be implemented in the Futures League, and the results of the pilot will be used to determine whether or not it will be implemented in the Cabrio League.

Extra innings, which will be implemented in the Futures League starting in 2022, will also be discussed at a later date based on feedback from the field.
Meanwhile, the rules were changed to prevent players with multi-year contracts from becoming eligible for free agency during the contract period, and to grant FFA status only to players whose contracts are scheduled to end in the current year.

In the case of Oh, Ji-hwan (LG Twins), he signed a multi-year contract with the team after the 2022 season, but he applied for FFA after the 2023 season and re-signed with the team.

He took advantage of his automatic protection in the second round of the draft.

The rules were rewritten to prevent future cases like Oh’s.

Managers are also prohibited from giving players merit pay.

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