Will players who participated in the LIV Golf Promotion Tournament be disciplined on the PGA Tour?

Players who participated in the PGA Tour Qualifying School are expected to be disciplined for participating in the LIV Golf League promotional tournament run by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund.Golf Channel, a golf media outlet, introduced the story of Martin Trainor, who participated in the PGA Tour Qualifying School held in Florida, USA on the 17th (Korean time).Traynor, winner of the 2019 PGA Tour Puerto Rico Open, did not perform well afterward, so he participated in the Qualifying School, which gives him the right to participate in next season.However, earlier this month, he was subject to disciplinary action by the PGA Tour for participating in a promotional tournament that grants entry to next year’s LIV. Trainor knocked on the PGA Tour door again after failing to secure a spot for next year’s LIV season.

The trainer explained, “You can play on the Korn Ferry Tour, the second division tour, but in order to participate in major tournaments, both the PGA Tour’s Qualifying School and LIV’s promotional tournaments were opportunities.”In a situation where the PGA Tour imposes disciplinary action, such as suspension, on players who participate in LIV competitions, it appears that trainers will not be able to avoid disciplinary action.The trainer also sensed disciplinary action, but added, “I hope it doesn’t lead to a suspension.”Golf Channel reported that after participating in the LIV promotional tournament, there were four players who also applied for the PGA Tour Qualifying School.Ham Jeong-woo is also one of these four people. Ham Jeong-woo is tied for 24th place through the 3rd round and is aiming for a direct ticket to the PGA Tour, which is given to the top 5 players 무료슬롯게임 (including tied rankings) with a total score of 4 rounds.

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