16.5 billion won to 24.5 billion won Kiwoom transfer fee depends on Lee Jeong-hoo opting out

The size of the transfer fee that Jeong-hoo Lee (25), who signed with the San Francisco Giants of the American Professional Baseball (MLB), will give to his original team, Kiwoom Heroes, differs by 8 billion won at the current exchange rate due to opt-out. It flies.The San Francisco team announced on the 16th (Korean time) that it had signed a six-year contract with Lee Jung-hoo worth $113 million (about 147.4 billion won).This is a condition that allows him to opt out (exercising his right to become a free agent again) after playing in San Francisco for four years until 2027.If he declares opt-out, Lee Jung-hoo can go back to the free agent (FA) market and pursue a long-term contract for a larger amount.

If he does not opt ​​out, he will play in the San Francisco uniform for two more years until 2029. Looking at the details of Lee Jeong-hoo’s contract, he will receive a separate deposit of $5 million, and annual salary of $7 million (2024), $16 million (2025), $22 million (2026-2027), and $20.5 million. Receive $10,000 (2028-2029).Based on the time of exercising the right to opt-out, the guaranteed amount for four years until 2027 is $72 million, and if you do not opt-out, the total guaranteed amount is $113 million. As a non-free agent in the Korean Professional Baseball League, Lee Jeong-hoo signed with San Francisco through the MLB posting system (private competitive bidding) in accordance with the Korea-US player contract agreement.As per the agreement, San Francisco will pay Kiwoom, Lee Jeong-hoo’s club, a transfer fee based on a certain percentage of the contract amount 온라인카지노 divided into three stages.

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