Was it Kim Min-jae’s fault we lost to a third-place team? Tuchel’s excusable criticism of players, but I don’t think so

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel seems to think that Kim Min-jae is to blame for the team’s loss to a third division team.

According to a report by German media outlet SPOX on Feb. 2, Tuchel criticized defender Kim Min-jae, who played full time in the Bavarians’ 1-2 loss to Saarbrücken in the second round of the 2023-2024 DFB Pokal at the Ludwigsparkstadion in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Tuchel was referring to the mistake that led to the equalizer in first-half stoppage time.

His pass to midfielder Frans Krechtig was intercepted by an opponent, and he then failed to make a tackle, allowing the opposing striker to go one-on-one with the goalkeeper.

“It wasn’t a good decision to pass to Krechtich when he was under pressure,” said Tuchel.

He could have pushed the opponent away from the defense,” Tuchel said, expressing his disappointment with Kim’s performance.

It’s understandable that Tuchel would be unhappy with a loss against a team from the third division.

However, publicly criticizing a player’s mistakes by talking about the specifics of a conceded goal can have a negative impact on team morale.

It also leaves room for the appearance of blaming the player.

It’s clear that Kim Min-jae’s mistake led to the goal, but a trusted leader should be able to cover it up, not point it out.

Moreover, Kim is in his first season at Bayern Munich, and the team has been on an unexpectedly strong run. 카지노사이트가이드

He has started all nine Bundesliga games and all three UEFA Champions League group stage matches since the start of the season.

In addition, he played four A matches in September and October. Last month, he took a long flight to South Korea.

It’s no wonder he’s physically exhausted.

In recent matches, Kim’s sprinting speed has dropped compared to normal.

His facial expressions and posture also show signs of exhaustion.

The team can’t afford to rest him. Dayo Upamecano and Matthias Der Licht have both been injured, so Kim has to start.

The departure of the fourth center back, Benjamin Pavard, has increased the pressure on the remaining players, especially on the injury-free Kim Min-jae.

In this match, Der Licht was substituted early in the first half, leaving Kim to hold down the fort in what was effectively a “one-back” defense.

It is difficult to understand the public criticism directed at a player who plays in such extreme conditions.

It’s not as if Tuchel is unaware of Kim’s current situation.

Tuchel has been criticized in the past for his tendency to use players as shields in the event of a loss. His attitude hasn’t changed at Bayern Munich.

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