KIM is Finally Back And Cologne is Also Selected as Kim Minjae

Munich is set to play FC Cologne in the 12th round of the Bundesliga in the 2023/24 season at 3:30 a.m. on the 25th at Rhine-Energist Stadium in Cologne, Germany. 토토사이트

Munich has been in the mood since the shocking elimination of Pokal in the second round against Saarbrucken on the 2nd, with a 4-0 victory over Dortmund and a 4-2 victory over Heidenheim in the league. As it is still in second place behind Leverkusen 31 points in the league with 29 points, it is essential to win this game.

However, the team situation is not very positive ahead of the match against Cologne. This is because Munich, where most of the players were transferred to the A match, has to play on the 25th immediately after the A match break. If players who have played A matches, such as Harry Kane and Leroy Sane, play immediately, it may be difficult to play in normal condition.

The rapid progress of the match against Cologne is hard to say that it is positive for Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae played full-time for his team Munich for as many as 14 consecutive games, and controversy over his abuse has continued recently. Although it is inevitable due to injuries to his teammates, difficult times continue, with Kim Min-jae showing signs of exhaustion during league games due to continued full-time digestion.

In the previous league game against Heidenheim, he made a series of mistakes in the second half to make the 2-0 lead 2-2, and his rating was the lowest among Munich players. In order to play well in the game, it is essential to rest. In the meantime, Thomas Tuchel also directly mentioned Kim Min-jae’s participation and said that it has not been decided yet whether to select him against Cologne.

Tuchel participated in a pre-press conference against Cologne on the 23rd and responded to the team’s situation and the Cologne match after the A-match break. Regarding the match against Cologne at this point in time, he said, It may be because of the right to broadcast TV. It’s the second Friday, and Kim Min-jae and Alfonso Davidson have just returned from their journey. It’s a very unfortunate schedule, but it shouldn’t be an excuse. I chose a short trip on Friday morning so that the players could sleep at home, he said, expressing the difficulty of the game schedule.

He mentioned the team situation and also pointed out Kim Min-jae’s situation. Tuchel said, Matias the Licht and Jamal Musiala have left, and Rafael Guerreiro also has to watch the situation and be careful. We are closely looking at players who have played a lot of games, including Konrad Reimer, Kim Min-jae, and Davis. We will decide on the lineup of the game late, he said. “We will have to wait and see the condition of some players, including Kim Min-jae, who played a lot of time right before the game.

However, if there is no major problem with Kim Min-jae’s body, it cannot be denied that he is likely to start against Cologne. With The Licht missing due to injury, it is difficult to find other options as the only center back resources are Kim Min-jae and Dayot Upamecano. Leon Goretzka is not entirely unlikely to play, but it is unreasonable to consider Goretzka as a center back in the league, not even in the League Cup.

Meanwhile, Kim Min-jae expressed his joy that he could play instead of thinking that he was overworked even in a difficult schedule. In a pre-press conference against China, Kim Min-jae said, It sounds like I’m full to say it’s hard, and I want to thank you for running. I think I’m playing without getting hurt, and I think I need to take good care of myself without getting hurt now, he said, adding that he would focus on management to run better than thinking of overwork.

In an interview after the game, he said, “I will arrive in Korea (on a chartered plane) and go straight to Munich.” “They’re all the same,” he said, explaining that it’s an arduous schedule, but all players are going through this difficult process. Kim Min-jae, who has to play as Munich’s mainstay again from the match against Cologne, is also expected to receive great attention whether he will be able to show an iron wall defense even in a difficult situation after playing the A match.

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