Its I’m a Drunk Sniper I have Three Kids

 Korean mixed martial arts (MMA) legend ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan-sung Jeong (36) revealed the reason why he cannot undergo a vasectomy.

On the 9th, the YouTube channel ‘Psick Univ’ posted a video titled ‘Ask Chan Sung Jeong what he will do after quitting. 

Mixed martial arts athlete Chan-Sung Jeong appeared as a guest.

In the video, MCs Lee Yong-ju, Jeong Jae-hyung, and Kim Min-soo introduced and welcomed Chan-seong Jeong, saying, “Joseon’s best martial artist, indomitable will, invincible walking corpse.

The MCs bowed deeply to Chan-sung Jeong and then began a full-fledged conversation. 카지노사이트

When Chan-sung Jeong ate the nutritional supplements placed on the table, Lee Yong-ju explained, “It’s about three eels and about 53 oysters.

Chan-seong Jeong looked embarrassed and said, “I have three kids now.

Chan-sung Jeong said, “I’ve been drunk three times,” and Lee Yong-ju said, “It was very spicy from the beginning.”

Chan-seong Jeong emphasized, “There have been three times when I drank so much that I can’t remember, and those are three.

Lee Yong-ju said, “We are bachelors, so we don’t know much about that.

Minsu Kim asked, “Since you mentioned your child, I suddenly became curious.

Did you have a vasectomy?” Chan-Sung Jeong responded, “I’ve talked about this too much.”

In addition, Chan-seong Jeong shared his usual thoughts, saying, “When a lion undergoes a vasectomy, it loses its wild nature. It loses its wild nature.

He said, “I am a person who has had to fight all my life.

Of course, I am retired now, but for example, a lion is fighting.

But if I had a vasectomy, wouldn’t it affect my fighting?”

He then added, “I think it’s a bit awkward to say that I’m a fighter who had a vasectomy.

I’m a bit like that.

Jaehyung Jeong asked, “Then what about the head of the family who had a vasectomy?” Chanseong Jeong responded, “I just have to be careful about that.

I just have to aim well. I’m a sniper,” making everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, Chan-Sung Jeong is the first and only Korean to have fought in UFC title matches twice.

He is considered the best mixed martial artist in Korean history, and was given the nickname ‘Korean Zombie’ due to his unique fighting style.

He married his current wife in 2014 and has one son and two daughters.

On the 27th of last month, he announced his retirement, saying, “I am a person whose goal is to become a champion. I think it is time to calmly quit.”

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