Hangzhou NOWH 0-2 Defeat South Korea

The jja-yo sound stopped when the Nexus of the Chinese camp was destroyed for the second time. 토토사이트 The stadium, which turned into a silence, rang with Dae-Korea sung by Korean fans.

In the semifinals of the eSports League of Legends at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held at Hangzhou eSports Center in China on the 28th, South Korea advanced to the final by beating China 2-0 on a set score of 2-0. E-sports made its debut as an exhibition event at the 2018 Jakarta Palembang Asian Games and was adopted as an official event at this tournament.

China, which beat South Korea in the final in the last tournament and won the top, showed its determination to keep its title and become the first champion in the first tournament as an official event in the country. The best players in the Chinese league were called up to the same team, including Bin BLG, Zhaorije, Ziejie EDG, Zhao Li Xun, Night JDG, Zuading, Elk BLG, Zhao Zhao Zhao and Meiko EDG, Tenye. The state-of-the-art e-sports stadium, which was completed at a cost of 1.31 billion yuan about 241.7 billion won, has a desire to win.

The semifinal match against South Korea, which was considered a de facto final, drew great attention from Chinese fans. All 4,500 tickets, the most expensive of the tournament’s events, were sold out and even traded as scalpers. To watch the match at 9 a.m., the area around the Hangzhou e-sports center was crowded with e-sports fans from early in the morning.

South Korean players, who made the main stage for the first time only in the semifinals while playing at an auxiliary stadium, were introduced to the audience for the first time in this tournament. Since they are players who are gaining recognition not only in Korea and China but also in the world, the cheering sound was not loud when the Korean players were caught on the screen.

However, the next time the home team Chinese players were introduced, the level was different. Cheers erupted from the time Chinese fans appeared, and the stadium rang as players starting from Chen Zhebin to Zhao Lije, Zhu Ding, Zhao Zhao and Tenye were introduced.

Chinese fans then sang Chayo to cheer up the Chinese players. When Korean fans responded with Dae~Korea, Chinese fans raised their decibels to silence Korean fans voices.

However, the match was different from the expectations of Chinese fans from the first set. South Korea won first as Ruler Park Jae-hyuk’s Kaisa dominated the battlefield.

As the second set began after the break, Chinese fans shouted Ta-da again. As if responding to this, China won the first point with exquisite ganging on the bottom line, and the kill score also led 3-0.

However, even after giving up the initiative, Korea did not lose its composure and watched the second half. In a one-shot fight in the dragon fight, Zeus Choi Woo-je’s Jax broke in and broke down the Chinese camp, and Park Jae-hyuk’s Jerry swept the kill and took the lead. Following Baron, Korea finished the game with the elder dragon.

0-2 complete defeat. China, which was certain to advance to the final, will head to the bronze medal match. There was a silence in the stadium where Jayo was echoing. Many Chinese looked at the electronic display with stunned expressions, and some Chinese spectators left the stadium in anger.

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